Sustaining Grace

Quick update: Today was a good day. Mom made it through all three therapy sessions (occupational, therapy and physical). She is showing quiet determination and strength as she pushes through her pain and her body that is not yet cooperating.

Her pain is always there but today it was manageable. Thank you for your prayers. She also was able to nap in between sessions which was an answer to prayer.

Continue praying for her at night that she would really rest, sleep and have deep peace! Pray for her therapists and nurses to care for her in the best possible way. Pray that she would continue to heal from the surgeries and stay healthy. It is truly a miracle that the Lord has kept us all healthy during these weeks. Pray that the Lord would continue to help Dad and I know how to best advocate for and help her.

Jesus is sustaining us all! We are all sensing the prayers in Chicago, MI and KY!

Thank you!


16 thoughts on “Sustaining Grace

  1. Praying now for all of you. Thank you for keeping us posted–know you have a great cheering section here in our home and at OneWay Ministries! Ever close in our thoughts and prayers. Again tonight we pray for perfect peace that only comes as you rest in the hand of the Lord–which you are doing so well. Proud of you all and challenges by you as well–may our spirits be lifted to the Father in sweet surrender to His will. God bless you all. Cathy A


  2. Her progress is inspiring!
    Praying for rest for all of you.
    Blessings for all the many people who are part of this journey.


  3. Prayers coming from California!!! For Katy, sweet family, nurses, doctors and level of care staff! Everybody involved to have the healing heart & hands of Jesus. This blog is inspirational! Thank you for sharing!


  4. So glad to hear of God’s sustaining strength to her. Praying for you all.
    Psalm 145:14 (NASB) The Lord sustains all who fall and raises up all who are bowed down.
    Love, Randy and Bernadette


  5. Thankful for the encouragement of yesterday…and God’s grace. Thank you for posting. Father, we praise you and ask again today for your mercies new every morning for Katy. For strength in her therapy, healing and recovery in her body. May your unfailing love be her comfort. Her rest be deep and restorative. And give Anna and Stan discernment from you.


  6. Praising God for this good news. Continued prayers coming from New York for God’s healing power and strength for Katy and family.


  7. I am great for the daily updates! Like so many others have said, it helps direct our prayers. I’ve also been praying for safe travel for you & your dad as you commute daily to care for your mother. My heart goes out to both Sarah & Liz. I remember well how hard it was leaving my mother when she was sick, & I lived less than an hour away. The longing to help our parents is a strong one ❤️
    Please let your mom know we lift her up to the Throne multiple times a day. Grace & I just started using a prayer guide (A Girls Guide to Prayer, by Titus Woman) & one of the very first verses in the booklet is Ephesians 6:18. It brought all of you to mind.
    I look forward to hearing what a wonderful rest Katy has tonight!!
    Blessings & prayer from New York!


  8. Also praying from NY!! Anna, thanks for taking the time to do these updates!! It helps so much to have a window into what is going on and how best to pray!! It is such a witness to God’s faithfulness in difficult times!! Where else would we turn but to our loving Father!! Much love and prayers!!
    Darlene and Mark too


  9. Each one of you continue to be in my heart and thoughts day and night. I PRAISE GOD FOR HIS SUSTAINING GRACE for each one of you. It is HIS SUSTAINING GRACE that keeps me moment by moment, day by day, week by week, month by month, year by year… HE IS FAITHFUL and HIS WORD washes us, cleans us deeply, lifts us and fills our hearts with HIS PEACE, HIS JOY in the hard and dark times. With JESUS there is always light even though the thick heavy dark storm clouds pass over….they are passing…PASSING… JESUS THE LIGHT IS ALWAYS PRESENT!

    I LOVE YOU AND AM CARRYING YOU IN MY HEART before our Heavenly Father. Mary



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