…and a little child will lead them.

-Written by Katy-

One of the most moving parts of this journey has been the prayers of children who have followed this blog and my progress. One of the saddest parts for me has been that, in spite of their earnest prayers for Wilson (my left arm) and Wilma (my left leg) to come fully alive again, they have not yet. There is a measure of disappointment for them and for me.

However, I am realizing that truly God’s ways are not our ways. His healing comes in unexpected ways and times. However misguided and idealistic it might have been, I have always felt deep down that someday, I would just begin walking again and moving my arm, because these are normal actions that I have done for 60 plus years. So I kept waiting for my body to return to the way it was, to normal, but it has not happened like this. Instead, I have had to relearn (and am continuing to relearn) how to swallow, walk, move, even crawl all over again, like a little child. When I walk now with a cane, I have to be conscious of everything involved in taking a step. You can often hear me saying aloud as I take a step,”lean on the left, move the right.” When I stand, I must make sure my feet are squarely under me,shoulder width apart and be conscious of my left foot not slipping out, causing me to fall. Injury by a fall, either broken bones or dislocation of joints is a very real concern and would be a serious setback for me. Therefore I do what I’m told. And what I used to do without thinking, I now do with intense concentration and as much perseverance as I can muster.

I have to admit I’m tired of working so hard to regain something as natural as walking. I have had to accept that my body and my lifestyle have changed and with that change comes the discipline of relearning how to do life differently. I’ve been doing physical therapy for almost a year and I want to be done, but I’m not. I am once again learning to embrace God’s ways and times over my own, all the while still trusting God for restoration of mobility and independence once again. Sometimes we have to make conscious deliberate efforts to arrive at the place where certain actions can be unconscious. So while healing hasn’t come in a dramatic way of walking or playing piano again, there is an endurance and perseverance that is being strengthened in me as I wait and work in hope.

I am so thankful for those who have persevered in prayer for me so that I would have the perseverance to continue to relearn what is necessary. Your prayers have given me strength to keep on working and believing that He is answering all of our prayers even if not in the way and time we expected or wanted. While there are many, I am especially thankful for David and Sarah in Chicago; James and Joseph from upstate NY; Luke and Sarah from Gabon, West Africa; Katherine, Elizabeth and Mark from upstate NY; Ransom from Indiana, to my great nieces and nephews and my own grandchildren! God has heard the prayers of his children from Scotland, Germany, Hungary, Malaysia, France, GA, KY, etc. Thank you to all of those kids, big and little, who have not stopped praying that God would heal me. I want you to know He is hearing and answering in His time and in His way.

Thank you. I will never forget your faith and perseverance on my behalf.

Prayers from Grandchildren