Open my eyes that I may see…

Written by: Elisabeth Lind

Josiah was born over 2 months ago and he is an enormous blessing and bright spot in our lives! Yet, it has not been easy. From day one he has struggled to eat and has battled to gain weight and stay hydrated. We have tried lip and tongue tie revisions, chiropractics for some issues in birth, medication for acid reflux, etc… In the midst of this daily battle that has me exhausted, my Dad is currently undergoing radiation and my Mom continues to battle through the daily struggle of a post-stroke life. Ben, Josiah and I were able to be in Kentucky to help and encourage my parents over some of these difficult weeks. As soon as we arrived it felt as though all hell had broken loose. Spiritual warfare is a real thing. Josiah continued to go downhill upon our arrival. He was teetering on dehydration and I was a mess! My Mom got a virus and felt awful! My Dad was facing radiation and then computers were down and his treatments continually got delayed or canceled each day! And, to top it all off, we had a massive sewage leak in the basement that was such a big issue we had to limit bathroom and water use for multiple days! I found myself giving in to the temptation to only see the difficulties and hassles…to allow Satan to blind my eyes to any goodness. I began to wonder if Jesus was there for us at all! And then He gently removed my blinders, convicted me, and reminded me of his MANY blessings and expressions of himself even in these difficult days. I want to chronicle them here to remind myself! And to thank those who have been expressions of Jesus to us in these days!

  1. Mom and Dad have been blessed with beautiful friends and incredible caregivers. I wanted to take a picture of each one but missed my opportunities. Some of these caregivers are hired and some just volunteer and stop by…but ALL of them love Mom so gently and sweetly and care for them regularly! Whether its helping pick up medications, running errands, taking her to therapy, helping around the house, or even cooking with Mom or providing meals…each one is an ENORMOUS blessing and breath of fresh air! Last week, friends even came to our rescue to clean and mend a sewage leak!
  2. I was blessed by two college friends who dropped much of their life for a couple days to offer their hands to hold a baby while I helped my Mom and took care of the house here. Praise God for extra hands!img_2689
  3. In the midst of all the chaos, we were able to carve out a short moment for a dedication service for Josiah. Nine months ago, I honestly didn’t think my Mom or Papa would still be here on earth to even meet Josiah! And here we are, dedicating him to the Lord together! Though it was a short moment, as Papa is very weak, Mom was under the weather, and Josiah is a handful…it happened…and I praise God for that gift to my Mommy heart.
  4. On a little but significant scale, we were able to arrange and organize Mom’s “little corner” in the Living Room to be much more functional for her with a new basket dresser and swivel tray! This encouraged us!img_2726
  5. While Ben and I were there, we were able to cross paths with extended family that we rarely get to see!
  6. God opened the door for Ben to work from Lexington for a few days to make this trip possible at all!


“Every good and perfect gift comes from above.” Thank you Lord for expressing your love to us in these tangible ways!


*Thank you all for your prayers for Dad. Because of delays and cancellations, his treatments have continued through this week. Thanks for your continued prayers.



20 thoughts on “Open my eyes that I may see…

  1. Thank you for sharing Liz! When it rains, it pours! My heart aches for you & your family, for all you’re going through! It is so easy for us to focus on the situation, especially when we deal with it day to day. We must keep looking to God and continue looking for His blessings as there are many! What a blessing and encouragement for your mom & dad to have you there with them! Sending hugs and prayers! God loves you! God is faithful! God never leaves us! Love you guys!


  2. the entire family is in our prayers and thoughts and hearts. May God continue to bring people to help and provide for all the needs. He is the ruler, yet! blessings, Gail and Judy McQueen


  3. Praying for precious Josiah, your dad and mom, you and your husband and precious little Josiah. Thanks for sharing with us the pictures. Great to see a picture of Dr. Kinlaw with Josiah, Stan, Katy and family pictures as well. Know Jesus is with you all. Looking forward to seeing you all.


    1. I agree, what a beautiful post and reminder. God so desires for us to be able to glimpse His Glory and see His hand! Praise God and praying with and for you!


  4. What a beautiful post. I know you said it’s a small thing, but I LOVE the living room corner organization! So creative and practical. It makes me happy. Can’t wait to see it in person!!

    Missing sweet Josiah lots! And the rest of you too, of course. 😉



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  5. Oh my, as the Psalmist says, “He lifted me up out of the miry clay, the pit” and sometimes, it feels like we are in a pit. Yet, “HE (alone) can put a new song in our mouths, where we can once again praise Him”. We have to remember to look up from the pit, as you shared Elisabeth (I still can’t call you Liz) and ask. We are asking for you and your family too, that there would be “Showers of Blessings”. We love you all and have, are, and will continue to be in prayer. Thank-you for allowing us to share this journey with you. It has been a blessing to us.


  6. Dear Stan, Katy, Liz and all the Key family;

    My prayers go out to you in light of the latest assault on you all with Stan’s cancer. It is so hard to realize that all this is happening because of God’s love for you- that He is using this to refine and shape you and make you more Christlike.!! Remember Lamentations 3: 22-24. Praise God that “through the Lord’s mercies we are not consumed, because His compassions fail not. They are new every morning; Great is Your faithfulness. The Lord is my portion, says my soul, Therefore I hope in Him.” I know your great faith will carry you through!

    With my best love in Jesus, Mary Strickfaden

    Mary Strickfaden

    Please note new Email:

    home: 847-639-9066

    cell: 847-624-3260


  7. Liz and the Key family, I continue to pray for all of you and I, like Sandy, am praying for miracles. I somehow missed when your Mom did the study on what to do on the worst day of your life before they left for Kentucky. Lois Arekalian very sweetly mailed me to her copy to read. I have finished it and now need to take notes so I remember the lessons. I was prompted to read it when your Mom recently taught on it. I hope to share some of the pearls in it with a friend of mine who is going through a tough time right now. I am so glad to be following your journey, knowing how to pray for you and being inspired and blessed by your perseverence. I have shared the blog with a friend of mine and it has blessed her at just the right moment as well. Know that you are surrounded by the prayers and love of friends all over the world who pray for you and keep looking for the blessings each day and know He is with you always. I know that it isn’t always easy when you are in the midst of these struggles. God bless you,Ben, Josiah, your Mom and Dad and your Papa! ❤️🙏 Nancy M.


  8. Thank you, Liz, for the update and the WONDERful photos!!!! I have to admit that as I read one rotten thing after another, I felt overwhelmed for you all. But then you recounted all the good things!!! And wow! What a perspective changer!! God is very good in the midst of all these things! How important it is to count those blessings! Thank you so much for your refreshing honesty. We continue to pray for you all. Loved seeing photos of your Papa with Josiah. Your mother looks so much better. The progress is evident. And we need to continue to pray for your father with all these holdups. Thank God we can bank on His sovereignty in all such things! Love to all,Judi for the rest of the VanDyks PS. My father now has a heavenly perspective on it all. Wow! I’m so envious!!


  9. We appreciate your posting pictures of your precious family and sharing your prayer needs. The church family at Hebron Lakeside will lift your needs before the Lord. We send our love.


  10. While reading your post it came to mind that each individual that came to assist your family probably didn’t know they were going to be an integral part of a beautiful “patchwork quilt of comfort.” I am reminded of a song lyric, “little is much when God is in it.” Here in Maine I am encouraged by your family’s love and perseverance. Praying for healing, full night sleep, and blessings on all who come to your aid during this “Job-like” time.


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