Take another step

-Written by Katy (and edited by Anna)-

We do a lot of counting around our house these days. We count while doing our exercises, (sometimes in different languages to keep it interesting), we count during therapy, we count every time I stand (1-2-3-stand!), etc. While I am now able to stand with less help and can take some steps with help, counting still helps me break down what can feel impossible into something realizable.

During my recovery many of the things asked of me have felt like climbing Mt. Everest. But my therapists don’t back down easily, so they break down the mountains into more manageable goals, giving me steps. So if I ever conquer the mountain of walking on my own again or typing with both hands, it will be by incremental steps of faith!

Thank you to so many of you who have prayed specifically for my left arm (Wilson) and leg. Jesus is answering one step at a time. My part is to ‘trust God and take another step.’ You will now understand why this has become our theme song (link below) of sorts for these days.

Take another step by Steven Curtis Chapman

“We walk by faith and not by sight we know it’s true
We say it and sing it and love the way it sounds
But none of us can even begin to truly understand
What it really means ‘til all the lights go out
And there we are nothing to hold on to
But the promises God’s made to me and you

Take another step, take another step
When the road ahead is dark
And you don’t know where to go
Take another step, take another step
Trust God and take another step

If there’s an ocean in front of you
You know what you’ve gotta do
Take another step and another step
Maybe He’ll turn the water into land
And maybe He’ll take your hand and say
Let’s take a walk on the waves
Will you trust Me either way
And take another step”

Take Another Step

Story behind the song


32 thoughts on “Take another step

  1. Katy thank you for sharing this encouraging news about the progress you are making. And thank you for your transparency as you walk through this battle. You are leading one step at a time and drawing us all closer to God.


    1. How beautiful! One of his songs helped me to deal with the difficult reality of my father’s ALS diagnosis some years ago.

      I am so excited that Stephen Curtis Chapman is scheduled to sing at the Salvation Army Pavilion behind my house this summer! Road trip to Old Orchard Beach for the Keys!!! 🙂


      1. A wow!sounds like a great road trip!better be careful!we just might take you up on it! We’re Mainiacs and SCC fans too!would love to see you and your new shop too!thanks, Heather, for staying in touch and reaching out as well!missin u!


  2. Thanks for stepping out in faith, in so many ways. Even in sharing this blog, it is a step of faith. But Katy, you keep “sowing seeds of eternal significance” and we are growing along with you, as you take the next step, it encourages us to take the next step on our faith journey too, as the song says, not knowing where it may lead.


  3. Thank you, Katy! What a wonderful song! I needed that today. My sister is at Somerset Hospital with an unknown illness, but trying to rule out cancer. I wanted to get up and “shout” when I heard that you are making progress toward walking and standing on your own! Tears for you!
    Love you, B.B.


    1. B.B.,
      Thanks for the tears and shouts!Hearing about your sister makes me want to hop in the car and go to somerset.but I’m not hopping anymore and not driving,of course, so I will dothe better thing and pray for her,now that I know the unknownsshe is facing. I know it’s hard for you to be so far now.thank you for your prayers for us.weare so grateful for His mercies and the love of friends.


  4. So good to hear from you. Steven Curtis Chapman is one of favorite singer. Thank you for sharing his song. Praising God for continued healing and grace as each day brings new steps. Sending you hugs and a smile.
    Anne Marie


  5. Katy!
    I continue to pray for strength to return. I am so happy that it is!! Ok, not as much as we’d like but with perseverance you are experiencing it. Praise the Lord!
    Much Love,


  6. I keep praying for “Wilson” and “Wilma”. Baby steps! You have such persistence and faith to keep going! Praise God that it is getting easier to get up! You are such an inspiration to all of us!


  7. I continue to lift Wilson to the Father every day — believing that Jehovah-rapha is the healer. As a friend in AA once told me, “Step by step, we go far.” You’re going to do this, Katy, with the Father’s hand all over the process. Thank you for the updates as they help all of us be specific in our prayers for you all.


    1. joe, thanks for following with your love n prayers. I am so grateful esp for your visit.thanks for coming.Hope to see you again……..Greetings n love to Willa


  8. It is so good to hear from you and to read of your progress. Still praying for you all (Including Wilson).

    With Love,


    1. Laurie,I miss you! Thanks for tracking with us and staying in touch and mostly for praying for Wilson 😀I want to get discouraged sometimes but then I think of people who have not given up praying and I find hope again, so thank you! Come see me!katy


  9. Psalm 37:23 came to my mind when I read your post.

    The LORD directs the steps of the godly. He delights in every detail of their lives. NLT

    Your words and steps are encouraging and inspirational to Paula and me.


  10. oh, dear Katy, I get teary to see you even standing in the walker…may God increase your strength, yes, one step at a time..and may you one day “run and not be weary, walk and not faint.” Thanks for your perserverance and courage…amid what i am sure are tears you all must shed as well. Love, Ruth VR


    1. Ruth,how sweet to see your name and read your thoughtful words. Thank for believing with us that whatHe has begun He will complete! Your Rachel and Michael and Sarah and Daniel?who came all the way from Chicago to see me in rehab in kyare some of the best gifts (friends) we’ve ever been given. Blessings upon blessings! Thanks for heartfelt love and prayers from you all!
      Much love,


  11. So very, very true one step at a time……..thank you Katy,Katy you are amazing,all you have accomplished, so nice to see Anna at you side ? I love your smile . God is so good. Praise His Holy name. Love you &send prayers……Pat


  12. Katy…Tim and I pray for you each day and rejoice with you in every “step” no matter how small that you make in the very hard work of rehabilitation. We ask Jesus to help you and to encourage you. We know that he is doing just that and you continue to teach us through what Jesus is teaching you. Thank you, my friend, for your courage, perseverance and willingness to share your journey with us. We’re still here “standing” right alongside you and calling your name out to Jesus. Much love, Sharon (and Tim, too!)


  13. Katy, it’s so nice to read your blogs. I’ve appreciated your family’s blogs throughout your journey. It’s been nice to be made aware of how we can pray for you, and you all are in my thoughts and prayers — daily! Your insights are thought-provoking and have made me do a lot of soul searching. I appreciate your sense of humor at times, too. Keep on keeping on!


  14. Dear Katy and Stan – Claiming Romans 11:33 for you today “Oh, the depths of the riches of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable his judgments, and his paths beyond tracing out!” Rejoicing with your baby steps – and praying for you each step of the way! Jack and Bobbi Graves


  15. Dear Katy,
    You continue to inspire us, and we are grateful to read each post and see your progress! Thank you and your family for sharing your lives with us. We have never heard of the song you posted before, and in this season the lyrics also encouraged our hearts. Remember the story, “Hinds Feet on High Places” by Hannah Hurnard? Sometimes Sorrow and Suffering are our companions as we make our way to the High Places. But in the end, these prove to be Grace and Glory — the Grace that carries us, and the Glory to be revealed in us.
    We continue to be thankful for your humble, obedient, and overcoming spirit, and your desire to glorify Jesus in all things.
    We pray for you daily. It is an honor to lift you before the Throne.
    Lots of Love,
    Joe and Lois


  16. Katy you are such an inspiration to me! You are Jesus with skin on. Keep on sharing. Hope your Mother’s Day is one of encouragement. You strengthen many with your life.


  17. This is so powerful! Thanks for this encouraging message! God is using your suffering for His glory! PHHN! (Praise His Holy Name)!

    Sent from my iPhone



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