Two thumbs up!

-Written by Stan-

The Limerick Contest of March has come close to matching the Milk Shake Challenge of December for eliciting both the creative genius and the competitive natures of those who read this blog.  Calling forth our most eminent team of judges (who will remain anonymous!), the awards are listed below.  We have chosen not to attach the authors’ names to each limerick for fear of embarrassing you, but be assured, we know who you are!  Our apologies for not being creative enough to come up with an appropriate reward for everyone who submitted an entry.  Thanks for your participation and especially for your wonderful expressions of love.  We have read all of your limericks to Katy and she loved each one!

 THE GRAND PRIZE (a limerick of three stanzas)

The stars, they decorated her head

Anytime she got out of her bed;

She did not give up,

With her straw and her cup,

And to Jesus many people she led.


Oh Katy, you’re proving God’s great,

His power and His might never late,

He shines right through you

In all that you do

With Stan as your faithful helpmate.


You’re home at last, what a feat!

God’s resources never deplete.

He’ll guide you today,

Yes, he knows the way,

Without Him life’s incomplete.



Il y avait une reine très unique,

Sa couronne était bien magnifique;

Des étoiles – toutes couleurs,

Protégeaient à toutes heures

Mais il faut la jeter tout de suite.



Our Katy will endure the ache,

For the glory of Your name’s sake.

With staples and flap,

The scars, and the map,

Of the Saint, in Your image, you’ll make.



The road to glory is found,

By those willing to lay their lives down;

To honor their King

Has become the chief thing

And to them Christ has promised a crown!



I have a queen cousin Katy,

Whose crown was very weighty;

So the doctors arrived,

And soon they contrived,

To remove it!  And asked, “How’s milady?”


HONORABLE MENTION (four winners)

Seasons come, seasons go, it’s true,

Ask Katy; she’s had quite a few.

From this bed to that,

(With a cool starry hat)

Now “home” is finally in view!


A lady in love the Lord,

Is one who never gets bored.

With petitions and prayers,

Katy lifts all our cares,

To heaven where treasures are stored.


Dear Katy, sweet daughter of the King,

Is teaching us all how to sing;

Sweet praises to God,

Whether life’s easy or hard,

Let us always give thanks to our King.


Katy the lady and Stan the man,

Walking with Jesus the best that they can,

Holy thankful for what they’ve got,

Rather than focus on what is not.



9 thoughts on “Two thumbs up!

  1. This is such fun! So good to see you smile and laugh as you journey on. So grateful Katy is home =) Praying daily for each of you. God bless!


  2. Such a privilege to join with so many on this journey of hope!
    Blessings from the One who finishes everything He starts.
    🌾A bruised reed he will not break..Isaiah 42:3


  3. There are so many people around the world praising God that Katy is home! It was great to see the photo with your joyful faces 🙂 You are all in the thoughts and prayers of so many and we consider it a privilege to lift up our dear friend who has been a prayer warrior for us. You have encouraged us with your testimonies of gratitude…(love the poetry, though I’m not creative enough to join in!)

    I realized today that Katy entered the hospital shortly before Christmas, when we celebrate “God with us”, and you all have testified to his constant presence thru this storm.
    Now, Katy is home during this Lenten season and will be home to celebrate his redemptive work and ultimate power on Easter!
    Continuing to pray for you all in this transition to care and rehab at home.
    Love to all!
    Colleen Calhoun (LCC)


  4. Thanks for sharing these wonderful limericks! They are certainly worthy of recognition. We are so glad that people see Katy for the treasure possessed by God that she is.


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