-Written by Anna-

As I pulled into the all too familiar hospital parking lot, saw the lady that I bought coffee from everyday, ran into a Neuro ICU nurse we loved, a neurologist that had cared for us, walked into the very same pre-op room, waiting room and consult room I found myself fighting back tears. Eleven weeks ago almost to the hour Mom had walked into the hospital and Dad and I kissed her goodbye, waited in a waiting room, rejoiced as we received the good news that the nodule was not cancer and then a few hours later all of our lives changed forever!

While the trauma of those days still feels very fresh, I also found myself in awe. Awe at the fact that we lived through those days by the grace of God! Awe at the fact that God spared my Mom. Awe that even in the valley of the shadow of death HE WAS THERE! I have to admit to moments of wondering if He was, yet as I look back it is evident! And today we felt Jesus’ healing power not only in Mom’s physical body but also in our hearts as we all faced some of our greatest fears.

What a different experience we had today! Surgery and recovery went well! She is not in ICU and while she is battling pretty severe pain, she has had a reprieve from the nausea! And when the nurse brought her a glass of water just hours after surgery and asked what she wanted for dinner I almost did a happy dance. Last time it was 15+ days of ice chips, feeding tubes and swallow tests. The Lord has brought us a long way! The reality is that we still have a long way to go but tonight we feel overwhelmed with gratitude for ALL that He has done! And for each one of you that has walked this journey with us! We have had to trust Him in new ways and with the unexplained yet He has been faithful every step of the way and we know will continue to be faithful!


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