Surgery Over

The surgery is over! Praise God. She came through and there were no major setbacks as far as we know. She will be in the recovery room for a couple of hours (longer than expected). No one has seen her yet. This is hard. It was in the recovery room, 11 weeks ago, that she had her stroke and brain swelling that put her life in danger.

Pray for these hours following the surgery…

  • Pray for peace for Mom as she wakes
  • Pray for no infection, no clots
  • Pray for good and attentive nurses
  • Pray for full healing and no nausea as she awakes
  • Pray for no cognitive or physical setbacks
  • Pray for no seizures in the next week as she is at risk

We praise God for a few signs of His presence…

  • Everyone, including Mom, felt the prayers of all you saints! THANK YOU!
  • Mom “ran into” Treena right before the surgery (our Neuro ICU nurse that was SUCH a blessing to us in the darkest days)
  • Her anesthesiologist for the surgery was a close family friend. This brought such peace to Mom and to all of us!
  • My Mom’s brother, who is a doctor, was able to be there in the hospital today…also bringing such peace to Mom and the family.

We don’t have much of an update on her, since no one has seen her yet. So please keep praying. These are crucial hours as she wakes and recovers. But we PRAISE God that she is through the surgery.



24 thoughts on “Surgery Over

  1. I’ve been praying all day – and will continue to do so. You are all loved by many. Grateful for the encouragement of just the right people throughout this day. May His presence continue to be felt. Thanks for the specific prayer requests.


    1. What good news! Have been reading it over and over and praising God. May you all continue to feel His loving presence surrounding you. And God grant the recovery continues to go well for dear Katy. She is such a blessing to us all.


  2. Praising Him with you that the surgery went well and for all the special evidences of His love and care for all of you through those (the sweet nurse, the anesthesiologist, and Dr. Denny) He sent to minister to your mom and to all of you today. Hope you have been able to see her by now. Our love and prayers for all of you, Priscilla and Dennis.


  3. Praise God for His loving care over the surgery and the special people he brought today to give Katy peace and to minister to you. Praying for the specific requests. Thank you for the update. Love, Nancy Mason


  4. We praise God with you for this good report!!!

    Our good and gracious God, we all thank You together for Your amazing grace and mercy, for Your watchful care over Katy and all her family, and for Your love. We continue to agree together as we bring to You the specific needs that Liz has made known and trust You as You answer in the ways that You choose and know are best. Thank you for keeping Katy in Your tender care. In Jesus’s Name. Amen.


  5. Praise God for His mighty hand and thank you for taking care of every detail. Thank you for your loving care over Katy and the family today. You are mighty and our great healer. We pray for your peace and for this time of recovery. What a privilege it is to carry everything to God in prayer.


  6. Many, like me, have been hanging on every word you have printed in Katy’s journey. Our prayers have not stopped, nor have they ceased being very specific according to your prayer requests for what you believe Katy needs at the time. Katy is a tower of faith in our faithful Father. Her testimony is for us all…the family writings are too. No words are as powerful as the life lived that support the words spoken. Thank you for sharing. Thank God for healing. Thank God for what is to come. It is so good to hear that all went well in the surgery. In His Grip, Theresa Flanders, Dublin FUMC


  7. Wonderful! So glad to hear it and for all the provisions from God that made this a little easier to face. Will look forward to more good reports but so glad to hear she came through the surgery.


  8. “Praise Him, praise Him, Jesus, our blessed Redeemer. Sing oh earth, His wonderful name proclaim. ….Like a shepherd, Jesus will guard His children. In His arms HE will carry them all day long. Praise Him, praise Him, tell of His excellent greatness. Praise Him, praise Him, ever in joyful song” God is with you and for you and will never leave you.


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