A Call to Prayer


Below please find a letter written by Katy’s sister, Beth Coppedge, calling any who wish to join us in 3 days of prayer not just for Katy but for our nation and the world. Thank you for the many prayers you have already prayed! May Jesus use those prayers in ways we can’t even begin to imagine now!
Since mid-December we, as a family, have been reeling from the shock of a life-changing trauma. My younger sister, Katy, underwent surgery and had a massive stroke that has paralyzed her on the left side. Our grief and the constant care has redefined the reality for all of us in the extended circle. After this occurred, one of my dearest friends, a missionary in Medellin, Colombia, who herself has suffered a stroke, said, “Beth this is a battle in the heavenlies. We have to call for fasting and prayer.” I heard her, but was overwhelmed and I didn’t do anything. Everyday for a week she texted or called me saying, “Beth, have you called for prayer yet?”  I finally texted the prayer coordinator for Titus Women and as we talked and prayed she said, “Beth, I think Jesus wants us to pray for 3 days, not just for Katy, but for our lost nation and God’s brokenhearted world.”

Just as our family is grieving the pain, the paralysis, the suffering, the wounds and the scars of my sister, so Jesus grieves over us, and also over the paralysis of our backslidden country and the nations of the world – His world – His children – His family. He grieves over us as we grieve over Katy, only much, much more.

I remember reading in the book, The Awakening, by Friedrich Zuendel about a revival that occurred in the Black Forest region of Germany. A young woman in the community was possessed by the evil one. Her pastor and two faithful prayers stood back to back for her spiritual release. It was a long struggle that finally resulted in spiritual victory and total freedom for the girl through Jesus. This was amazing enough, but even more awesome was that all of the prayer released in the heavenlies on her behalf resulted in a real work of the Holy Spirit. God broke through in the lives of townspeople and parishoners who came under such deep conviction for their sin that the pastors and the prayers were kept busy day and night praying with people who wanted to get right with God. God used the protracted prayers for the girl to bring revival to that part of Germany.

The thought came to me that maybe God was longing to use what began as a call to prayer for the healing touch of a very sick sister, to extend to a unifying of our hearts in prayer not only my sister, but for all of our loved ones that don’t know Jesus and all of the sin-sick in our family, our nation, and in the world.

We need Jesus. Let me say it again. We need Jesus. We invite you to join us for 3 days of seeking Jesus together for God’s paralyzed and dying world. We are coming together for prayer and some form of fasting and self-denial are this next week, for three days, February 16-18.


23 thoughts on “A Call to Prayer

  1. Joining with all of you in prayer. I believe, too, that this is a spiritual battle. How wonderful to know that Jesus is Victor and we have the hosts of Heaven joining in the warfare! May HIS will be done.


  2. A friend of mine referenced this same book a year and a half ago and challenged me (and others) to pray 15 minutes a day for revival. While I haven’t been completely faithful in that task, I would like to participate in this challenge (and I think I need to read that book)!


  3. Dearest Katy and Stan and all Family, I am standing on His promises as I pray and believe!! Your faith and testimony is already making an impact on this broken nation and the world.. You are indeed partners with Him in suffering. My love, a heartfull always, Bette (Crouse )


  4. Will join you in prayer. Also our ladies at King’s chapel are joining together Saturday Feb 20 for a time of prayer for our world, our nation, our struggling neighbors, friends and ourselves.


  5. Want to join you all in this. I have also felt the need to fast and pray for loved ones, who don’t know Christ, but just haven’t done it. I have been praying for over 30 years for a dear couple, who became like a second set of parents to me during my year as an exchange student. I will gladly also pray for Katy and for healing for Laura H., who Anna also knows at BFA.


    1. Prayer of an unusual sort began Saturday, don’t know if I’ve been so moved in a very long time. Watched the video of Dr. Kinlaw detailing the 1970 revival at Asbury and sensed a burden for crying out to the Lord with urgency over the lost in the US as well as apathy in American Christians (beginning with my own apathy). Will be praying with you as well.


  6. Our nation needs prayer more than ever! Will agree with you in prayer for our nation and continued prayers for Katy (and your entire family).


  7. Yes we will join you, even the nations of Cameroon need Jesus because there is a lot of sin and spiritual paralysis. Through Katy’s sickness and healing will be the healing of the nations because of our prayers. Does not even the Bible worn that we should not be unaware of the schemes of the evil one?


  8. Jeff and I will continue to pray, just as we have been since 2001, and we thank Beth for this word. She has been such a blessing to us! We met her in Nashville at the Come To the Fire conference. May the Lord continue to encourage you and touch Katy with His healing hand!


  9. My 24 yr old daughter gave birth to a stillborn son,-Zion. Now she is suicidal. We are engaged in a battle. Include me in your list of prayer warriors.


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