Thank you so much for your prayers for us! We sensed them. We had several curve balls thrown our way that were stressful but the Lord fought for us and we saw His hand throughout the days. Thank you for lifting us up!

Quick update: The appointment with the neurosurgeon went well and surgery is scheduled for Feb. 29. This will give Mom two more weeks to gain some strength but still not wait too long. We are very thankful to now be under the care of a neurologist. He was very kind and took his time with us and was careful to get all the details, etc. While there are no easy answers or time tables we are thankful to be under his care and thankful to have someone monitoring her progress, etc. I was especially grateful to have a neurologist look over her current medications and make some changes that we felt good about.

Thank you for your prayers for Mom, she had minimal pain and nausea the last two days. Praise the Lord! Both are back today (but still manageable) but we were thankful for the reprieve for these appointments. She did all three therapies and then the appointments both days so needless to say she is exhausted today! She is napping as I type. The realities of our new ‘normal’ are at times overwhelming and I think we are all processing a lot of the information given but thankful to have both appointments behind us. And even more grateful to feel good about both doctors and to have Mom under their care.

Thank you again for your continued prayers!


18 thoughts on “Update

  1. Not a day goes by that you are not in our prayers. So glad to know that she is in such capable hands, both earthly and heavenly. Prayers for healing and strength for you all.


  2. Thank you for catching us up! Y’all really do have to live one day at a time — more than anyone else I know right now. Praying without ceasing for all of you.


  3. So glad the Lord gave Katy that reprieve! I hope and pray for many more such “good” days. Thank you for always sharing your heart and keeping us up to date. Prayers for continued healing and much needed rest.


  4. I frequently wake during the night, you’re always on my mind and heart when I do, whispers of comforting prayers are offered then and throughout the day as well. I used Stan’s heartfelt article on prayer from High Calling at bible study on prayer at Alpha Pregnancy Center, sharing your recent storm. We all prayed for you then as well.


  5. Thanks for updating us so faithfully. We continue to pray as requested and praise God for all He has done, is doing and will do.


  6. I am continuing to pray and all of you are daily in my thoughts and prayers. It is a blessing that you finally have a neurologist following your mother’s care. I pray for continuing progress in strength and a lessening of pain and nausea. I know what you mean by a “new normal.” You are in the midst of so many transitions. I pray God’s grace and mercy for each of you during this time.


  7. Thanks for the update, that sounds very consoling for us to hear, praying that He who has begun the good work of healing will bring it through the completion and perfection. What we are not Lord make us, that she would dwelt safely in you mighty healer! Praying for Grace on all of you


  8. 6 for 6 answers to prayer. I am so thrilled things went so well and continue to pray for total healing in the weeks ahead.


  9. I have a big circle around February 29 with Katy written in the middle. Each day I lift my dear Katy in prayer, but on that day of all days, I will be asking our Father to go with her and gently hold her, I will be asking Jesus, the one who spent was seems the majority of his ministry healing, to guide and direct the surgeons hands and bring healing to Katy’s body and I will ask the Holy Spirit to fill each of you in such a way that there will be a peace and joy and power to stand that you and others around you will know that no earthly strength could muster up, but only our strong and powerful God can give.

    How thankful I am to hear of a few days of improved health and strength. I will be asking Jesus for more of those as Katy goes through her therapy in these next two weeks.

    We love you guys!


  10. Katy. Stan and Anna …you’re in my prayers often…. daily. Sometimes i wake up at 4 and ask for his help for you. So glad to know God has provided strength and good doctors. Praying for his coninued magnificent wisdom. And for healing. Thank you for sharing… Thank you for persevering and illuminating God’s grace.


  11. God’s continued blessings to you all! Just as He has been FAITHFUL in the days past, He will continue to do so now. Though we don’t know why these things happen we can be sure it will be for His GLORY and HONOR!. Continue to be precious vessels for Him.


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