Prayer Requested

-Written by Anna-

Thank you all for rejoicing with us over Wilson moving! That was a real gift in the midst of a big week!

We would like to ask you to pray for us on Wednesday and Thursday afternoon.

Wednesday afternoon is our scheduled appointment with Mom’s neurosurgeon to discuss the next surgery where they will put the bone flap back in that was removed from her skull during the craniotomy. None of us are looking forward to going back to the hospital and having Mom undergo another surgery. But it must be done and will hopefully allow us to bring Mom home in the near future.

We are learning that while we are blessed to live in the Western world of medicine, family is still very much needed to advocate for the patient. We have dealt with several issues in the last eight weeks. But one of the balls that was dropped was that upon arriving at rehab and looking at our follow up appointments we realized that a neurologist was not on the list.  A neurologist was supposed to follow up with us following Mom’s hospitalization but for whatever reason it didn’t happen. Dad and I have spent the last week trying to get Mom in to see one, most said it would be June before they could see her. Thanks to my wonderful cousin we were able to get an appointment for Thursday with a highly recommended neurologist here in town. We are so thankful for this miracle! We just found out about the appointment last night and another miracle was that the rehab facility was able to provide transportation for Mom to this appointment on very short notice. So the Lord is working for us and we are so thankful!

The next two days will be huge for Mom. Aside from moving from the hospital to Cardinal Hill and from there to Brookdale, she has not been out at all. It will mean several hours in a wheelchair and the exhaustion of interacting and processing a lot of information.

Would you pray for physical strength for her?

Will you pray for emotional strength as well? We all need courage to face the next surgery, but Mom in particular needs Jesus to keep giving her peace and courage on this journey of recovery.

Will you pray that we will ask the right questions and understand all the information that is given to us?

Will you pray that these appointments will give Mom hope and assurance that she is in good hands medically? (We know ultimately whose Hands she is in and are so thankful for those loving and good hands that are holding all of us through these days!!)

Will you pray for no nausea or pain?

Will you pray for good rest for her tonight and tomorrow night?

Thank you so much for carrying us in prayer!



27 thoughts on “Prayer Requested

  1. We remain in prayer for all of you and trust that the days will be ordered well and that schedules will allow for no waiting and smooth transfers, trips, etc. the old gospel song comes to mind: “Each step I take, the Saviour goes before me ………………He is with you and we will pray that others come along side to help and provide. Love, the mcqueens


  2. A big week on several levels. Will be praying for these specifics. I have been reminded about all the articles on prayer in High Calling. I was struck in particular by the one Wrestling with God. “It may be His higher will to resist the lower.” I think the implication is we resign ourselves too easily sometimes to less when God wants us to press in for more. So I am praying for more in each prayer request. With much love. Sandy On Feb 9, 2016 9:45 PM, “Journey with Katy” wrote:

    > lizlind posted: “-Written by Anna- Thank you all for rejoicing with us > over Wilson moving! That was a real gift in the midst of a big week! We > would like to ask you to pray for us on Wednesday and Thursday afternoon. > Wednesday afternoon is our scheduled appointment wit” >


  3. I will be glad to pray for all these requests! Rejoicing with you with neurologist appt. on such short notice! That really is a confirmation God is working for Katy even when important details fall through the cracks!

    Psalm 73: 25, 26,28…

    “Whom have I in heaven but you? And earth has nothing I desire besides you. My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever. But as for me, it is good to be near God. I have made the Sovereign Lord my refuge; I will tell of all your deeds.”

    Your sister in Christ, Sandy Barlow Sent from my iPad



  4. Today, in my devotions, I read Psalm 18:29, “For by You I can run through a troop, and by my God I can leap over a wall.” As I read your description of the next two days visiting doctors, it sounded like you would be running hard and climbing walls in the sense of the physical and mental exertion it would require of all of you and especially, Katy.

    My prayer this morning: Dear Heavenly Father, As Stan, Anna and Katy press through these next few days, I thank You, with them, that they do not press through alone, that Jesus are with them. I thank you, Jesus, for providing the doctors and the transportation and I thank you, in advance, for providing the physical strength to complete the journey. In the strong Name of Jesus, Amen.


  5. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes – We will be praying. I wrote all 6 requests down, so I can focus my prayers. The greatest gift is knowing without a shadow of doubt”that you are in God’s hands” and “He will carry you through”. That includes ALL of you. As Linda said, “We love you all”, and God loves you best, but He uses our willingness and His spirit to actualize it. Again, “I am so glad that Jesus loves me (and you all)” What a legacy of LOVE we have.


  6. Was so happy when I head the news about Wilson. Will continue to pray for Katy as I remember many fond childhood memories we had at LCC when children.


  7. May I suggest that you take a tape recorder with you to the appointment so you can re-listen to the Doctor’s assessment and recommendations? PRAYING!



  8. Hello Key Family, As I was spending my time praying today and thinking about Katy I came upon an old song that made me think of her. It may not be needed by her or you but for me regarding her it was. The other day I found a few of our old emails that we’d written and I was moved again at her kind,gentle, Godly spirit that always has great empathy and wisdom. I may not write or remark often but she is always in my prayers and my constant thoughts. Give her a hug from me and enjoy this old song with a great message. With His Love and mine, Debbie Harting Here is the song; Sent from my iPhone



  9. What a privilege to pray and hold up Katy Stan and all the family to our Father in Heaven. He is sooo Good! and shows Himself in the ways HE is working through this long journey. I am praying all the requests constantly.


  10. Thanks Stan and Anna for filling is up on what is happening and how the Lors is doing for you all and especially for Katy. May the Lors renew your strength as you face the next two days. Grace and strength be multiplied to Katy. Praying it will go well with all the processes. May the Lord perfect and bring to completion the healing He has begun


  11. While praying for Katy and you all tonight I was reminded of Luke 22:31-32. Though I don’t pretend to understand all that is going on “behind the scenes” in something like this, it struck me that Jesus told Simon, “but I will pray for you…”. Jesus is praying for you. May your faith not fail. And someday may you be strengthened again so that you may continue to strengthen others. -Nicole


  12. Praying for you all today. Father, we know you love the Key family are we ask you to guide them and give them wisdom in taking the next steps. We pray for Katy and ask you take away this nasea and pain as we know you can do. Help us to continue to give you our fears,worries and concerns for today.


  13. Stan, Katy, Liz, Anna, Sarah,
    We are praying for all requests on yesterday’s blog, most of all continued complete healing and blessing over Katy in JESUS Name. Love, Kondracki family


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