Drum Roll, Please…

Last evening, during the second quarter of the Super Bowl game, I reached over and took hold of Katy’s paralyzed left hand, also known as Wilson. I suppose it’s a male thing, but watching Peyton Manning play football just puts a guy in a romantic mood. Anyway, when I gently squeezed Katy’s hand, I felt Wilson gently squeeze back.

Stop the game!!!

Suddenly oblivious to what was happening on the 37-yard line, I turned toward Katy and looked in her eyes.  She was staring back at me with the same look of incomprehension.  “Did Wilson move?” I asked.  “Maybe,” Katy whispered.  “Can you do it again?”  I could tell that Katy was now concentrating hard, focused on her left hand.  Once again I distinctly felt her fingers move.  It had been almost eight weeks since I had felt any movement in that limp, lifeless hand. This was momentous!

I immediately texted our three girls and two sons-in-law with the news.  Everyone agreed that Peyton didn’t hold a candle to Wilson.  The truly newsworthy event in our nation was taking place in Room 313, Brookdale Rehab Facility in Lexington, Kentucky not Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California.

Driving alone the 20 miles home to Wilmore late last night, I second-guessed myself and wondered if I had imagined it.  “Maybe It was just a dream,” I said.  “I won’t tell anyone else until I verify this tomorrow.”

Today, Wilson moved again!  The nurse saw it too.

Though I don’t want to exaggerate or be overly dramatic about the importance of tiny twitches, I don’t want to underestimate their importance either!  So, ladies and gentlemen, forgetting for the moment Peyton’s stellar performance, I’d like to ask you to shout out an ovation of praise to Wilson!  And of course, be sure to praise the One who sponsored the event and made it all possible.

“For who dares make light of small beginnings?” (Zechariah 4:10. NET).


85 thoughts on “Drum Roll, Please…

  1. Praising the Lord with you for this “small beginning” and signs of life within Wilson. “Lord, continue to reconnect and rebuild all the things necessary to make a hand move, we pray!!! Thank you, for this encouraging gift.”


  2. And here I thought this was a race just between Payton and Cam! You go Wilson. You can show them all how to do it! Oh look Katy, my sense of humor has gotten sharper too since your stroke. Praise to our Heavenly Father for knowing what we need and when we need it. My deepest love to you all.


  3. Praise God for His faithfulness! That small movement is a huge victory…and so fun that the Wilson Conpany made the Super Bowl footballs. Perhaps “Wilson” was giving a shout out to his famous cousins.

    Keep up the great work Katy and family, we’re still right there with you praying for and giving glory to God for your victories, big and small.


  4. What joy and happiness must have been in your little room last night when Katy squeezed your hand; no matter how lightly, it is a major answer to prayer, with you, we are so thankful to Jesus for this new sign of progress. How Tim and I rejoiced with this wonderful and most encouraging news!

    Stan, I know you are a man of poetry so I thought you might enjoy this little verse I found in an small devotional by Constance Parker Graham: “God will give us courage when the challenge seems too great, faith to see when answers come, when patiently we wait. Peace and reassurance through answers to our prayers, Strength to keep us cheerful, and joy because He cares!”

    Katy! I’m up her shouting out my thanks to God and cheering you on!


  5. Praise God! We totally agree that this is far more momentous than any Super Bowl could ever be! I just knew it must be some exciting news when I saw the title of the blog. We are praying and trusting God for even more encouraging signs. How He loves Katy, you, and all your family!

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  6. Last night during closing prayers at our weekly CMDA Bible Study in Louisville, 35 dental and medical students, along with half a dozen other adults , continued to lift up Stan and Katy for strength and healing. Tyler, the student leading us in prayer,asked specifically that Katy would experience renewed sensation in paralyzed limbs- what joyful news to share with CMDA students!


  7. Stan, what fantastic news!! God is faithful and hears the prayers of His faithful! Wilson definitely trumps Peyton! I went home at 8 pm. – not really into football! So happy for this encouraging sign. The pain she felt on the left side may truly have been God working. Love to you all and a big hug for Katy and Wilson!


  8. “Hallelujah, what a Savior, who could take us poor lost sinners, lift us from the miry clay and set us free” She is going to be free from this paralysis. What a much needed grace! Thanks for sharing the update so we can celebrate with you and Praise God too.


  9. What an amazing God we have! Praising Him for this gift to Katy, Wilson and the entire family! Not only did He move Wilson, but he helped you, Stan, to keep your priorities straight at the moment that Wilson moved. Many would have been so absorbed in the Super Bowl that they wouldn’t have noticed Wilson’s small movements. Two miracles at once in the same room! I’m staying tuned in to hear what He does next!


  10. PRAISE THE LORD: That’s worth more than a drum roll. Bring out at least two of the largest bands with the most wonderful musicians involved and play the Hallelujah chorus. Thanks for sharing and hooray for Wilson.


  11. WOW….. Shout out to the Lord for commanding Wilson to move & he obeyed. Wonderful ,encouraging to. All you folks I am sure. Good job Katy. You go girl. I love you folks,, my continued prayers are ever on the fore front of my mind. ❤️❤️


  12. I guess that makes Wilson the MVP! Katy, are so precious to me as a prayer partner for the unborn and a prayer champion for family, you have touched my heart. I keep lifting you in prayer for healing and your family for strength, Peace.


  13. Truly celebrating with you regarding Katy’s Wilson’s reawakening! We are joyful for this, but mindful of the road ahead and the requested prayers for the days ahead. Love from South Carolina.


  14. Katy, Thought you would enjoy this – Craig, Karen Winslow’s husband, took this the other evening from my front yard and it is so amazing. Just wanted to share another one of our Creator’s magnificent and awesome sights. Enjoy. Hope you receive this. Love you, Camille


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