He makes me lie down

-Written by Stan-

When our daughters were infants, still in the crib, I remember how difficult it often was to get them to go to sleep. Standing and clinging to the guard rails of the bed, they could scream and cry for hours on end, refusing the rest they so obviously needed. I remember how I would sometimes gently but firmly force them to lie down, pressing my hand against their backs, pinning them to the mattress! If my timing and touch were good, they would soon drop off to sleep.

David testifies that there were times when God treated him in a similar manner. In the 23rd Psalm he writes: “The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He makes me lie down…”For both Katy and me, this experience of two surgeries, stroke, recovery and now rehab is a time when it feels like we are being forced to “lie down.” It seems that our heavenly Father’s firm yet gentle hand is pressing us rather hard against the mat. “Stop trying to save the world and just lie down for a while!” he seems to be saying.

But when rest is forced upon you it doesn’t feel very restful… at least at first. As we enter the second month of this journey, Katy and I are both asking for the grace needed to just lie down and be still. For Katy, this is a season of almost complete inactivity, being bedridden because of the paralysis on her left side. As for me, I’ve temporarily reduced my hours, activities and schedule with FAS so that I can care for Katy. I hope to gradually take on increased responsibilities in the weeks and months to come as we establish our new normal.But in the meantime, “He makes me lie down.”
ctWhile visiting with Katy and me in the hospital, a friend shared a small bit of wisdom that is making a big bit of difference in the way we think. Jerry is a man of many talents but is perhaps best known in Wilmore for driving a horse and buggy around town. Commiserating with us over how our lives and ministries have been curtailed by Katy’s stroke, Jerry said: “You know, people who ride in a horse and buggy go a lot slower than people in cars but they see things along the way that folks in cars don’t even know are there!” Thanks, Jerry. Your wise counsel is helping us to see that our current pace is not just a burden to be endured; it is an opportunity to be grasped! Spending 8 -10 hours a day sitting (!) with Katy in rehab is a divine invitation to see things along the way that we would have completely missed were we maintaining our previous schedule:

  •  The joy of lengthy conversations with each other, with family and with friends.
  • Learning about the lives and experiences of those around us (nurses, therapists, etc.).
  • For the first time in 38 years, I clipped Katy’s fingernails (an impossible task for Katy until Wilson is healed).
  • Jeopardy is a pretty good TV show.
  • A calendar with no appointments is actually a good thing.
  • Though we are temporarily out of commission, God isn’t. He is using us as much now in our inactivity as he used us in our activity (maybe more!).
  • I’m not nearly as important to saving the world as I like to imagine I am.

I’m a slow learner and at times I still kick and scream at my circumstances, but I’m learning to cooperate with God’s grace when he decides he wants to make me lie down. This is a lesson I don’t want to miss.

Update on Katy – Thank you for your prayers! Katy had a better night and a better day. Still battling nausea but it was waves today instead of all the time. She sat up by herself for ten minutes which was a big step forward after several days of barely noticeable baby steps! Keep praying! You can also pray as there is an important meeting tomorrow between our doctor at the rehab facility and our insurance company. Insurance wants her discharged in the near future while the rehab disagrees (we do too!) and is working on our behalf. Can you pray with us for that meeting and that God would work a miracle so that she can receive the care she needs.


33 thoughts on “He makes me lie down

  1. Stan, thank you for sharing. We will be praying for this important meeting tomorrow with the insurance person, rehab, and yourself. Jesus knows what is best for our dear Katy. Praying for rest for all of you tonight and a time of sitting up tomorrow for Katy and better therapy. May we see some tangible steps forward. God is with you. The resurrected Jesus is with you. The same power that raised Jesus from the dead is with you.

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  2. Thank you for the update and for letting us know how to pray for specific needs.
    We continue to pray and hold you dear to our hearts. Yvette and Eduardo


  3. Thank you Stan for today’s update. Praying for divine intervention and wisdom tomorrow. He has promised to supply all of Katy’s needs according to His riches in glory. Trusting His will he done. We faced insurance company back when Walt had surhety on his finger and almost septic. They finally listened to reason and he remained in the hospital and even had to have additional surgery. Praying you have a strong advocate.

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  4. Reading Stan’s comments tonight brought tears to my eyes as I know it must b such a helpless feeling to watch his love struggle wanting to feel better !! My heart aches for all of u !
    As u know, I’m on the other side of strokes which has been very humbling in many ways for one who has been independant all my life !! One thing that the Lord is showing me is to b completely surrendered, dependant on
    Him and humble my pride to allow others to help me ! It’s
    hard to understand life at times, another thing I’ve learned is just trust Jesus no matter what is going on in life or our circumstances !! It’s the only way we can make it. Just like a baby depends completely on the parents or caretakers for it’s care, we hav to do the same & rely on our Lord to take care of us !
    My favorite peacher, Joseph Prince, said one day : “When we r working, God has to rest cause we r in the way, but when we rest in His arms, He can work” !
    So I pray this time of trial will b a time to rest in Him
    allowing Him to minister to u & He will minister to u & through u in ways that will minister to others ! .
    Love & prayers


  5. There’s nothing like being made to lie down! I’ve been there and done that! However, it sure wasn’t for a month with more to come. Still, I sensed the same thing you and Katy are experiencing — God telling me to slow down. You are learning some valuable lessons (not that any of us thought you needed them), and you are also teaching them to the rest of us. So, yes, God is using you just as much as before. Keeping all of you, especially Katy, in our prayers.

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  6. Praying for a strong advocate with the insurance company. They are not the doctors! They do not know what is medically necessary! Jesus has this figured out-He and He alone knows what is best for His dear Katy. Praying for rest for you both. My father years ago had a heart attack and was told “to lie down”. It’s hard but sometimes necessary! Love and hugs to you, Katy and the girls.❤️🙏

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  7. Precious Stan and Katy, I have been sitting here trying to think how I can put my feelings into words, and the closest I can come is: I feel like a mother watching her dear children suffer, and how I would gladly do the suffering for them. Foolish I know, but it is how I feel. Then God seemed to say to me: you can do something much better. You can pray. So I am praying, sending my love. Ruth MacBride


    1. Beautiful truth from Psalm 23. God is enriching us all through your experience and we can spread it yet further–the beautiful ripple effect. Praying,


      1. Dear Pastor Stan, definitely I will pray for Katy and her getting proper treatment. I also thank you for your inspiring devotional insight. I strongly believe that God loves you both very much. May love, grace, comfort and peace of God be with you. Yes, I agree with you that it is your time to lie down in green pastures beside the still waters with Katy.
        I have been missing you both and your message on Sunday. Shalom. Insook Do


  8. Hi Stan, Katy and girls; Thank you for all the postings on the journey through Katy’s recovery. Please know that I am continually praying for you all and praising God for all the steps forward Katy is making!!

    My home sale has hit a snag over a 100×25 foot piece of my front yard! God is teaching me to wait for Him and showed me Isiah 30:18 where He says “Therefore the Lord will wait, that He may be gracious to you; And therefore He will be exalted, that He may have mercy on you. For the Lord is a God of justice, blessed are all those who wait for Him”. Waiting is so hard! It is good that you can lie down and rest while Jesus is at work!.

    Love and prayers for all of you,

    Mary Strickfaden

    Mary Strickfaden

    Please note new Email: mhstrick2015@yahoo.com

    home: 847-639-9066

    cell: 847-624-3260


  9. Stan, thank you for sharing! Slowing down is hard! I remember caring for my parents, seeing the same four walls, pacing the same steps day after day. Agh! But the payoff(if I can call it that) were those sweet conversations, being there to lift a glass of cold water up to parched lips. To stroke a forehead & hold a hand. God blessed me so! It’s hard to see it all as a blessing walking through it! Thanks for the updates. We are praying for the meeting with your insurance company and the rehab people. When my mother came home, we had a wise nurse advise us to get everything in place, home health AIDS, visiting nurses, medications, everything you can think of, walkers, wheel chairs, retooling of bathroom (a visiting nurse can come to your house to advise you on what you might need to do) etc. it is SO much easier & less frustrating to get the doctors to write everything out & get everything set up BEFORE you leave rehab. Insurance pays for most/all of this. God bless all of you!!!! NY is praying!!!


  10. Stan and Katie, we are holding you up before the Father daily. Praying for miraculous healing for you and Becky (Lytle) has somehow become an integral part of my OMS prayer. It’s neat how God weaves our relationships and creates strong bonds. Thanks for the updates, and enjoy Jeopardy as you “lie down in still pastures”.


  11. Dear Stan, Katy and family,
    I just wanted to let you know that I’m following your blog and praying daily too, though not through the sign-up. I’m using a reminder on my calendar. thanks for being focused on giving God the glory. That’s what life is all about.


  12. Stanley, Katy, Anna, and family…thank you so very much for sharing God’s insight with us. We all need to slow down and “invest” more in our relationships with Him and our relationships with others. In our “light speed” world, we miss seeing His light. We are continuing to pray for Katy’s healing and for all of you. In His Grip, Theresa ():)


  13. Abba, we have another opportunity to see your glory displayed in this insurance challenge. Thank you for fighting on behalf of your children. We praise you for your power and wisdom and grace to accomplish your purpose in this meeting tomorrow and in Katy and the family’s lives. I ask you to bring strong, knowledgeable advocates in the insurance company along side the family to work out what is needed. Thank you for those at rehab advocating on behalf of Katy already. Thank you for the confident hope the whole family has in you. Jehovah Jireh, our Provider, you continue to be more than enough for your loved ones. We praise you and thank you for who you are and how you will provide for Katy and the family. Continue to keep them wrapped in your abundant grace and unfailing love. In the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.


  14. You do not know me, but I’ve been following your blog and praying for you all.  I was in the care giver’s chair for a very long time and I truly feel your pain, fear, weariness and frustration. The elation at tiny victories is what keeps you going.  The humor (milkshakes and Wilson) is what keeps you sane. But it is the knowledge that God is right there with you that sustains you. Each of you writes so beautifully that you’ve invited us to walk right beside you and hold up your arms round the clock.  Thank you for that privilege. Bonnie

    From: Journey with Katy To: lashbrook2@yahoo.com Sent: Tuesday, January 12, 2016 10:28 PM Subject: [New post] He makes me lie down #yiv9165193049 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv9165193049 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv9165193049 a.yiv9165193049primaryactionlink:link, #yiv9165193049 a.yiv9165193049primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv9165193049 a.yiv9165193049primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv9165193049 a.yiv9165193049primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv9165193049 WordPress.com | lizlind posted: “-Written by Stan-When our daughters were infants, still in the crib, I remember how difficult it often was to get them to go to sleep. Standing and clinging to the guard rails of the bed, they could scream and cry for hours on end, refusing the rest the” | | Respond to this post by replying above this line |

    | | |

    | New post on Journey with Katy | |

    | | | | He makes me lie down by lizlind |

    -Written by Stan-When our daughters were infants, still


  15. Stan…great insight and wisdom about lying down in green pastures. No one likes to be forced down, but… Sometimes we need to have that heavy hand applied to our backs.
    Will definitely pray about the insurance mtg. And always praying for Katy’s healing! My love and prayers for you all. Marilyn Hannay


  16. I pray You speak mightily to the hearts and minds of the doctors and insurance representatives on behalf of Katy. You are the greatest caregiver, give her all she needs. We trust You will carry Katy through this painful period because You love her like no other! Katy, we are separated by oceans and governments and miles but there is nowhere I’d rather be, even for one day, than sitting with you right now, my precious, fellow missionary sister. Love you, Beth


  17. Stan and Katy, we are praying for you both and your family. God is good even when we don’t understand all that is happening. I agree that he gives us this time to rest on him, trust in him, he is faithful and has our situations well in his hand. Thank you keeping us updated on this journey. We continue to pray for healing and strength for you both!


  18. Praying for favor with men, and please know that you are perhaps more effective now in being lights of Christ than in all your years of ministry. When we are weak, His strength is seen. Jeff glowed with Christ’s light in the ICU after his massive heart attack. Many around the world were touched through his journey to complete healing. Many will be by yours. Be glorified, Lord, by the journey and by healing Katy!


  19. We pray for your favor over Katy and we know you have her best and will provide what she needs. We pray for the doctors, nurses and therapist to be advocates for Katy and allow her to continue in rehab. We trust you. Thank you for your thoughts and words, Stan.


  20. Praise the Lord that God is not in hurry as we do in our daily activities…

    My former job kept me on my toes, but this current job enable me to talk with patients and residents unhurryingJ

    One thing the insurance should know and wanted to know if Katy is “safe” to be home alone and can she function independently that is can she make a simple meal as she did before the brain surgery?

    Prayer will go out for all the involved parties at the round table…social worker, therapist (OT or PT or SPT) and family member and Katy. May the reports from the therapists will advocate Katy that she will need more days and adequate length of therapy sessions at the rehab. All to be done and said for God’s glory. Amen



  21. Dear Stan &Katy…..I could not believe my eyes when I received your gift of the book ” The Last Word ” .especially at such a crucial time, I am humbled. Thank you both so very much. Right now I am praising our wonderful God for a better day, am praying about the insurance co. also, thanks so much for your openness. I keep your family in my prayers also. My love & prayers Pat


  22. Dear Pastor Stan and Katy,
    Praying for His strength and corauge during these unbearable trials. These days Job’s words are so vivid: “““If only my anguish could be weighed and all my misery be placed on the scales! It would surely outweigh the sand of the seas— no wonder my words have been impetuous.”
    ‭‭Job‬ ‭6:2-3‬ ‭NIV‬‬

    ““What strength do I have, that I should still hope? What prospects, that I should be patient?

    “Anyone who withholds kindness from a friend forsakes the fear of the Almighty.”
    ‭‭Job‬ ‭6:11, 14‬ ‭NIV‬‬

    Thank you for sharing!

    Lord, thank you for the hope in you!

    By His Grace,


  23. Thankful all went well with Larry’s surgery!

    I think I shared with you about the wife of the President of the Francis Asbury Society here in Wilmore. She had surgery for removal of a growth in her lung (non-cancer) and shortly after, a blood clot went to her brain and she had a stroke. She had to have surgery on her brain to remove the blood clot. I just wanted to share this precious note from her husband.

    Word came this morning that yesterday in therapy, she lifted her left leg off the mat. She is paralyzed on the left side! Praise the Lord for little pieces of progress!

    Love to you both, Dona


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