-Written by Stan-

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Let me introduce you to a new friend of mine: Wilson (aka Katy’s left hand).  This is the name that Katy gave to her left upper-body appendage that currently just lays motionless beside her. If you remember the Tom Hank’s movie Cast Away, you will recognize the origin of this name.  Alone on a deserted island, the main character (played by Tom Hanks) has no one to talk to except a volleyball with a contorted face smeared on it.  The name of the sports company is also visible on the ball thus accounting for the name. Though non-responsive and useless, Wilson was a constant companion and became Hank’s best friend.
Somehow, Katy came up with the idea of naming her left hand Wilson.  Her humor actually seems to be stronger after the stroke than before!  We all love the name.  As Katy puts it, “He is always there but he constantly disappoints me;  he just never does anything.”

It helps to laugh.

Wilson has now become a family friend and the object of much prayer.  “Lord, heal Wilson.  Bring him to life!”  I thought you might like to meet Wilson too and join us in prayer for his healing.


31 thoughts on “Wilson

  1. I am in love with Wilson already — in all his current glory. Praying that this is just a deep slumber. You are on my heart Katy.


  2. Stan and Katy, praying for Wilson and claiming that he will work again soon and all his little nerve endings, muscles, and all to come together and work as he was created to work and do what it is meant to do for Katy.


    1. Praise God for your progress and for your witness of His strength and joy in the midst of your troubles, Katy! Thank you for sharing so openly and honestly…praying, believing for total health and wholenes. for you and Wilson.💝


  3. Great to be able to pray specifically–for Wilson, by name! Love the humor that is shining through Katy even in the difficult moments.


  4. Thank you for introducing us to Wilson. I am praying for Wilson to move again. Thank you for keeping your sense of humor in the midst.
    Love you both and sending hugs.


  5. I have been following the updates every day and praying. Thanking God for you and Katy. You have had a great impact on my life and I’m asking God to move in a mighty way for Katy and to restore her body fully in accordance to His Will.


  6. Oh how we love the Key family! Our dear Katy, we are praying for you on multiple fronts. Full and complete healing! We look forward to the future and the continued testimony of Gods gracious provision for you. What an encouragement, and faithful witness you are!!
    Stay the course!
    Love, Tim & Nancy


  7. He is always there but he constantly disappoints me; he just never does anything.”

    Katy, I wonder if God says this about all of us sometimes “He always there but constantly disappoints me; he just never does anything.”
    Katy I wonder if God says this about all of us all some of the time and some of us all of the time??!!

    I wonder how many moms and dads have said this about a child yet they never tire of praying for them saying,”Lord, surely your plan is better than the one this one is that is playing out!?”

    Lord, You who have raised the dead, can surely revive Wilson and all of the parts of Katy’s body that are presently asleep. We trust You are there, trust that You are in control. We look for your mercies, new every morning, pray for renewal of the body in strength. Revive Lord please.


  8. Katy, Wilson is a great name! It’s awesome that you remember the movie and the Wilson ball. I’m so thankful for your sense of humor. It’s worth a lot. I am praying for you! Love you!


  9. Hi Katy, Stan and Wilson

    I just thought of the song that you had mentioned in a sermon one time…dry bones in OT!

    Katy, now I know how I may help patients with stroke…thanksJ




  10. Made me chuckle! Humor in the midst. I like the name. Reminds me of Ezekiel 37…Father, breathe new life into this flesh and bone, lovingly named Wilson. Thank you for humor; it does a body goid.


  11. Well it seems Wilson has no get up & go, we will have to do something about that,Wilson, in the name of Jesus move…….,Wilson does not know who he is up against. My love & prayers to all……Pat

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  12. Hahaha!! How nice to see that Katy has a sense of humor through all of this! That helps. Laughter is good medicine… Amen! Praying for Katy, you, the family AND Wilson! 🙂 ❤ Love to you all!


  13. Maintaining a sense of humor is so vital in the midst of these trials. Katy, I love that you have affectionately named what seems to currently be a useless part of your body. The name, Wilson, is a wonderful choice! As we’ve gone through some trails and rehabilitation with Dad, we have given names to some devices that Dad would rather not be a part of his life in the hopes that he would come to accept them. Dee Dee was his bed alarm, named for the annoying noise she make to alert us that Dad was on the move. Pam was the medication device that we used before he moved to assisted living to alert and dispense his medications at the proper times of day. His walker became Walter and we were constantly telling Dad not to leave Walter behind. (He still does that.) I just know that God is smiling every time he hears one of His own praying for Wilson, and trust that He will heal in His time. Praying that today brings blessings for all of you (including Wilson).


  14. ​We agree! Thankful that Wilson is still alive, even if useless. On one level, Wilson may be a vehicle of great things that will bring the Father greatest glory. But I am praying that by resurrection power, Wilson will come alive again. Loving all of you. Libby


  15. Wanted to let you know more New Yorkers are praying for you all!! It has been so wonderful for you to share the journey with us so we can pray accordingly!! We join so many others in praying for strength and healing for you, Katie!! Stan and Anna we are also praying for you as you encourage and support her! You have a great cloud of witnesses lifting you all up! I love how humor helps the healing and is also good for the soul! May you all feel the strong presence of our Lord there with you minute by minute.

    All our love, Darlene and Mark


  16. Father, we pray for Wilson. Though the other family members of Katy’s body love him, he’s been a bit of a disappointment. He just lies around and doesn’t participate. So we ask that you would move on him and cause him to become involved again. Lord, it’s like he doesn’t know who to be. Let Wilson know he doesn’t have to become an eye or an ear or even a foot but that he was created to be a left hand; an honored left hand and restore him to the fellowship of Katy’s body.


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