A Smile, a Tear and a Move

We never know what a day will bring.


  • brought a smile as Dad kissed Mom goodbye and she attempted her first real smile!
  • brought news that tomorrow we are moving to Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Center! To say we will be glad to get out of the hospital is an understatement! She moved from Neuro ICU to a room on Christmas Day and now on New Year’s Day she will move to rehab! We thank Jesus for this step forward.
  • brought tears for the first time. While we all have cried quite a bit in the last 17 days, we have not seen real emotion from Mom. Today it came. And we are thankful for the start of the healing process not just of her body but of her heart and soul! There is a LOT to grieve! But we have also been able to share some of the miracles, joys and strengths the Lord has sent to us during the days that she doesn’t really remember.
  • brought joy as we looked through your milkshake pictures! Multiple times today Dad asked me if I had seen this picture or that picture. Pictures came in from around the world and we showed them all to Mom. Thank you for being a part of the healing process! And for making us smile! What a gift!

Keep praying for Mom. Every day brings about new physical challenges and she needs continued healing from both surgeries and physical strength for the road ahead!

We will post pictures soon of the milkshake challenge. Thank you all again!

Happy New Year!

Anna (for all the Keys)


11 thoughts on “A Smile, a Tear and a Move

  1. I rejoice with you and praise Jesus for the miracles and the gift of a smile. Katy, I’m sending you a hug from Benjamin and from me.
    Psalm 119:76 ” Let your steadfast love comfort me according to your promise to your servant.”


  2. Jim and I are praying for the whole family and are thrilled with the steps forward! That beautiful smile was needed medicine for everyone to see. God is so good! As we welcome in 2016 we know God has you in His hand. The Great Comfortor and Healer will watch over all of you. What an awesome thought!


  3. So happy!
    Praying for a mighty healing as you go to another mission field.
    You may never see the lives you touched on this side of heaven.
    A New Year and a new place to see HIS hand in all your lives.


  4. Praising God for good progress. Liz and I had milkshakes in your honor; no photo, as she is currently hospitalized herself. Continuing prayers for you and your families as you continue on this unexpected journey, but one fully in the hands of your Creator and Sustainer. Love from both of us!


  5. There is indeed much to grieve, and the emotions are real and can be very raw at times, at least that is what we experienced when my mother in law had her stroke. The nurses had let us know to expect it.


  6. Happy New year to your family! We are glad that Katy is moving to the rehabilitation center today, what a wonderful progress. She is going to meet a lot of therapist that will help her to gain her strength back. As a rehabilitation nurse myself, they always tell the patients “No pain, no gain” when the patient try to give up. Hang in there , Katy and Key, as God is with you, who shall you fear!!


  7. Great news. Hope Cardinal Hill lives up to its good reputation as a rehab place. The milkshake pictures was such a great idea. I did not contribute a pic, but I’m with you and look forward to seeing a few. Still praying, of course.


  8. this morning at Yuping Tang’s family in MA, after our devotion with 6 children (16yrs -9mos)
    and 3 adults, each child lifted Katy in prayer…Katy, you are in our heart and mind….much love to you and your family…lisa liu


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