The Milkshake Challenge

Today we celebrate that Mom passed her swallow test!!!!! We are crying tears of joy at this beautiful gift. We are rejoicing that my Mom got to sip her first sip – and it was a vanilla milkshake! So today we challenge you to the Milkshake Challenge! Go get yourself a milkshake in Mom’s honor and take a picture and send it in to! 🙂 We can’t wait to show her everyone’s celebrations!! We will select our favorites/most creative and post them on the blog in the next couple days.

*This great idea was brought to you by the Aukerman clan who submitted the first photo (featuring their cousin Isaiah)!



43 thoughts on “The Milkshake Challenge

    1. What a wonderful milestone! Just in time for the new year! We rejoice and praise God with you and are believing Him for more miracles in the days ahead!


  1. Pretty much makes our day ! Love to all and great job Katy ! Thank you Jesus for this amazing family and their continued faith … teaching so many how to trust God. Praise God !


  2. Rejoicing with you and your family, Katy dear. Praying that this will be the first step in complete healing and whole restoration! Lifting Stan, your daughters and their families and they support and cheer you. Amen! Bobbi Graves


  3. We are Praising God, and crying tears of joy as we rejoice with you!!!!! Thank you, Jesus !!! What a blessing !! We are so happy for you Katy. We love you.


  4. Praising God for His faithfulness. Job 36:16 “Then indeed, He enticed you from the mouth of distress, instead of it, a broad place with no constraint; and that which was set on your table was full of fatness.” The Wyrtzen family is asking God for your swallowing to become instinctive rather than laborsome. God will do more than we ask.


  5. Praise God , tears of joy……..I would love to celebrate with a vanilla milkshake but……milk is not too friendly to my tummy……..allergy . You go girl…..hip , hip, hooray!


  6. I don’t need to be asked twice to have a celebration milkshake!!!! But indeed this is wonderful news!!!
    Ahhhhh to have seen the look on everyone’s face when it happened! katy we rejoice with you!! Bon appetit!!


  7. Praise the Lord!! Rachel Rogers was at my house for lunch today and after the usual chit chat we took to sharing prayers. On top of the list for both of was Katy. Swallowing was one of the things we prayed for. Love answers to prayer. What a great first swallow-vanilla milkshake. I’ll bet she favored every sip!


  8. What great news! Thanks be to God!!!!!

    I reread this writing earlier today and thought of Katy (author unknown).

    You have a faith that moves mountains. You have a shout that brings down walls. You have joy that cannot be explained. You have a peace that passes all understanding. You have a grace that is sufficient, An anointing that destroys the yoke, A gift that cannot be revoked, A destiny that cannot be stopped, Mercies that are new every morning, You have the strength of the Father, The grace of the Son, The anointing of the Holy Spirit, You have Jesus, you have everything!!!

    God bless you sweet Katy. My love, thoughts, heart and prayers are always with you. Because of Jesus, Sherry (and Mike)

    Dr. Sherry W. Powers Dean, School of Education Professor Asbury University One Macklem Drive Wilmore, Kentucky 40390 Office: 859-858-3511 ext. 2208 Fax: 859-858-3921

    From: Journey with Katy <> Reply-To: Journey with Katy <> Date: Wednesday, December 30, 2015 2:17 PM To: “Powers, Sherry” <> Subject: [New post] The Milkshake Challenge

    lizlind posted: “Today we celebrate that Mom passed her swallow test!!!!! We are crying tears of joy at this beautiful gift. We are rejoicing that my Mom got to sip her first sip – and it was a vanilla milkshake! So today we challenge you to the Milkshake Challenge! Go ge”


  9. What a great way to celebrate! So glad to hear of Katy’s amazing progress with the power of prayers alongside you all the way. Love you and miss you. Kathy Hawley


  10. This is such wonderful news. I will be drinking my milkshake of celebration this after non in Texas! Following all of you each day, several times a day , in prayer!

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  11. Praise the Lord! I’m so happy to hear the wonderful news. I’m keeping you in my prayers.
    I haven’t had a vanilla milkshake in years.


  12. Glory!   We are so thrilled at the news about Katy’s sip!  Since the three of us prefer CHOCOLATE shakes… would they do?  We continue, along with all of you, to look to Jesus for complete healing… whatever that looks like to HIM. Sending our love your way,

    Aunt Jean Rolling,  Vern & Bevan Howard


  13. Shedding tears of joy with you!!! We will make it a New Year’s Day tradition to have vanilla milkshakes!!! Thank you Lord!!! Hallelujah!!!


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