-Written by Anna –

Today we thank Jesus for life and for an encouraging day! Two weeks ago today we all thought we might lose Mom. And today she is not only with us but we observed and were given some encouraging news! Something we all needed!

Some highlights from the day:

  • Her speech therapist was very encouraged with Mom’s progress today in swallowing and believes she might pass the swallow test later on this week. This was a very different report than we had received yesterday (by the same therapist)! Thank you for your prayers and continue to pray for wisdom for us and her doctors as we navigate all of this. Pray that we would do what is best for Mom! And continue to pray that Jesus would restore her ability to swallow.
  • We had our first conversation with a local rehabilitation center. There is really only one locally that can provide adequate care for someone in Mom’s condition but it comes highly recommended. They hope to move her next week.
  • We were blessed today by the visit of dear friends who went out of their way to come and visit Mom and encourage her! What a gift! Thank you Tom and Lorelei!Faulkners
  • Hearing Mom pray a full and complete prayer for the first time. We have heard her repeat sentences prayers and I feel like she is living a prayer these days but upon hearing a voicemail from Beth Ryan, a precious missionary friend in Honduras, she proceeded to pray a full prayer over her and her ministry and that Jesus would show up in Honduras! Holy moments!
  • Reaching for the phone when she heard I was talking to my cousin, her nephew, Billy and family in Scotland. She wanted to hear about baby Blake who shares her middle name. She asked if their girls could pray that she could swallow. We believe in those prayers!

She is more aware each day of your love and prayers. We have been able to read many of your emails, prayers, stories and comments that you have put on the blog or sent to the email address ( Last night we rejoiced together over learning that on Christmas Day the daughter of a friend had given her life to Christ and was a new creation! Mom cried as I read it to her! She remembered praying with the mother of this girl just three weeks ago.

She also told me to share these two songs on the blog. It has been so sweet to watch my Mom worship through music. She can’t read her Bible yet but she gets lost in the words and music of certain songs. A dear friend who works with the Salvation Army in Buffalo sent her words to this song and I found it on youtube and last night she listened to it over and over. What a comfort and a blessing to be In His Hands!

I’m in his hands

The second song is one that Mom asked to hear several times and as she listened I heard her repeat to herself over and over: Restore, Revive, Renew, Reveal. What a privilege we all have to sit with her each day and sense His presence in new ways.

Restore my Soul

The road ahead is long and we know that not every day will be a good day but He is walking with us moment by moment, day by day. Thank you for being on this journey with us!


19 thoughts on “Life!

  1. Continuing to pray for her swallowing. Encouraged by your post today. Praising the Lord for the progress she has made. Katy I’m in your corner! It’s so hard to be so far away. I’m glad our prayers and messages are lifting you up. Loving you.❤️🙏


  2. Thanks so much for sharing the healing journey of your precious mom and our dear friend Katy. We are rejoicing in His continued answers to His prayers for Katy and the truth of Hebrews 7:25. He is faithful. He is with you all giving you strength and life. Blessings of His continued healing and wholeness. Oh how He adores our praise.
    Linda Six


  3. What an awesome way to end the day! I’m so thrilled to hear about Katy’s progress. What a witness you all have been and will continue to be.


  4. Joe and I thank God with you for your Mom’s progress, Anna! This brought tears to my eyes today.
    What an incredible woman of God you are, Katy, and what a gift God has given you in your family! We rejoice with you as you make progress and continue to pray toward that end.
    You continue to be an inspiration to all of us, Katy, even in this valley, as we see your giving heart in the midst of your own suffering.
    How close Jesus stays to those who are weak, and how surely God’s Word is true that “underneath are the everlasting arms”.
    Lots of love to all of you.


  5. Our Lord is faithful! ! What joy to read this report! ! Continued prayers for dear Katy and all of you, and SO grateful and encouraged by this news. With love, Ellen and family


  6. We have an amazing God! I am praying for you all as He continues to lead Katy through this valley of suffering and so encouraged to hear the ways He is restoring her! His everlasting arms are there to carry her.


  7. Good morning Katy. Praying for an encouraging day….that God will restore your swallowing and bring healing. The songs that ministered to your heart blessed me too. Thank you faithful daughter of the king. Your suffering and your comfort is already bearing fruit. With much love.


  8. Dear Anna’s Mom,

    We met the last time you were in Kandern. My name is Debby and I teach French at the high school at BFA. Anna is a precious friend and sister in the Lord (and fellow French MK!) so when she first shared about your upcoming surgery, I was praying. As your situation has continued to evolve in directions none of us could have imagined, you have been so much on my mind and on my heart. I have not been sleeping very well in spite of being on Christmas break, so during those wakeful hours in the middle of the night I have prayed for you and I will continue to pray! I have been blessed and encouraged by the way God has enabled you to “walk” through these difficult days. I know that only He can sustain you and give you the courage to go through each day. My prayers are for peace in your heart and mind, for a real sense of God’s presence, for strength both physical and spiritual, and for the ability to rest in His love and grace and sufficiency. My husband and I are also praying much for God’s healing touch on your body. Anna, you too are very much on my heart. Please know that I am praying for you and the rest of your dear family in all that you are going through. Please give your Mom a special hug from me. I know how close you are and as I think of my own mother, I can just imagine how hard this must be for you. On the other hand, I am SO glad for both of you that can be there at this time. So, Anna and dear Anna’s mother, we are carrying you in our prayers!

    Much love in Christ,
    Debby for the Chasteens


  9. Oh thank you for sharing this encouragement of Katy’s progress! We hold tight to Jesus as we pray with thanksgiving for His work in Katy’s life! Praising God for Katy’s steadied faith in Him, her hope in Him. Katy changed my life when she introduced me to Jesus Christ and the Bible. She mentored lovingly and patiently. She prayed for me and my family earnestly and continually. Katy’s walk of faith inspires and gives the rest of us courage and hope. Praying continually for you Katy! And your family. Praising and blessing God for this bit of encouragement you all shared today!


  10. Good Morning Katy and your precious family- What sweet good news you report to us today. And the song, “I’m in HIs Hands”…. i love it!!! I have forwarded your blog update to my sisters Dale and Hope (don’t you love her name?) Hope and I are journeying more closely with Dale and I know that particular song will minister to both of them, for many years ago, Dale and her first husband recorded an album for those who were hurting. The title? “In His Hands”. Dale’s husband went Home to be with the Lord only hours after recording that album. He had a serious illness but wanted to record the album before going to see Jesus. In his pain He wanted desperately to bring glory to Jesus, even as Katy and all of you are doing. So that particular song moves me deeply. And I know it will touch Dale as well. Thank you for sharing it! Oh how I wish we could be at your bedside Katy. These blogs and photos help us feel so much closer to you. May His Presence be felt so strongly in your room today. Deb Pember

    Sent from my iPhoneng



  11. Precious Kate, I want to thank you for letting us be a part of your journey. You have a heart that is crucified with Christ and your love for our Maker is heart felt. Each day as you pour out His love, His praises, His grace, His goodness and HIs gratefulness, you draw us to see His face. We are praying for complete healing. In the midst of this trial, thank you for sharing Jesus more fully. The joyful reality is Jesus is your life, and we are part of the blessed overflow of HIs Holy Spirit within you.


  12. Dear Katy and Stan,
    Tom and I have been praying daily, and sometimes several times a day ever since we heard the news of Katy’s surgery and then, the stroke. We are encouraged about God’s answers to the prayers of thousands of your friends worldwide. We were especially thrilled to read that Katy was able to pray a “full prayer” again. Katy’s prayers have been a great blessing in my life, and her prayer partnership for the Bhutanese in Albany continues to support me in prayer for them. I will call Tula to tell him of the significant improvement you are making. You have been praising God in your difficult circumstances, and experiencing the peace which only He can give. Yes; you believe, as we do, that “We do not know just what the future holds for us, but we know WHO holds the future.”
    With love,
    Cynthia and Tom Hale


  13. Dear Katy, Stan, Anna, Sarah and Liz,

    Every time I read an update I’m in tears and lifted up from the here and now and brought closer to Jesus. I am reminded that the very best that God has to offer us is available to anyone regardless of all the categories we place on ourselves and others. We can all worship God. We can all pray and speak to and hear from God. We can all praise God whether out loud or in our hearts.

    Thank you, Katy, once again for showing me the way:) you continue to teach me and all of us what it means to love the Lord God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength, and to love others as yourself.

    We continue to pray for you for each step in this journey – especially to be able to swallow and to be continually progressing.


  14. Dear Katy and Stan’s Girls,
    I have never met you all but WOW…your parents have raised Godly girls. Each day three and four times a day I have checked for one of your updates…your writing is touching my heart and so many others. Thank you so much for taking time to write!

    Please tell your Mom that Mark and Kim from Greensboro are praying each day and night for her…..she is going to be okay. Please tell her that we will see her this spring or summer and to be ready for church at Mt. Zion and then Sunday lunch at the Beaumont Inn….our treat….

    We love you all and know without a shadow of a doubt that God is healing and will continue to heal Katy!


  15. Praising God for such encouraging news!!! Thrilled to hear about the process you are making… with swallowing, speech, and even talk about being moved to a rehab center!! The road ahead may seem long and hard still, but remember with God anything is possible! He will be walking right beside you and He will carry you at times… God will provide the strength and patience you need!!!
    Katy when reading all the blog updates and comments by everyone, it amazes me to think of how many lives GOD has touched through you!! Even now, with all you are going through, your faith shines and ministers to all of us. Love you!


  16. Thank you for these encouraging updates. prayer still changes things! Sending a big bear hug from Eduardo and I. We will continue to pray for all your needs! Stan, a big hug for you too! What an emotional roller coaster.


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