Calmer Seas

Late last night Mom was moved from the neuro ICU to the stroke unit. Although this unnerved us a bit – as the neuro ICU had become a strange kind of “home” – it is a very good thing! For the first time in weeks we feel as though we have taken a deep breath. Although we still can’t see the coastline, we do feel as though Jesus has calmed the waves! We praise Him! Today Mom was stable. Her room is quiet and more restful – which will hopefully help her sleep better.

Her physical therapists worked with her this morning and she made some small progress. Because of all of the other battles she has fought, the reality of her paralysis hasn’t fully hit us or her. Today she wanted to do a simple task, clip her nails. I watched as she realized she couldn’t even do this herself. Sadness filled her eyes. I gladly clipped and filed her nails as the new reality of her total dependence began to sink in. She has a long road ahead. Today she told Ben and I something like this, “I know now that life is so much about the little things.  The little beautiful gifts that most of the world misses! I can’t believe we miss them! I won’t miss them anymore.”

The philosophy of the neuro ICU was to save her life. We praise God that He has done just that! The philosophy of the stroke unit is to prepare her for rehab. We praise God for how far she has come – only by His healing hand. And we trust Him to get us to the coastline in His time. Grateful He’s in the boat with us!

Pray for Mom’s heart to be at rest and her spirit to find peace, even as she absorbs so many new realities!


*The swallow test should be sometime tomorrow. Thanks to all those who are praying!! Whenever you drink a cold drink today, take a minute to thank God for this small beautiful gift!

20 thoughts on “Calmer Seas

  1. Thanks for the update. Grateful Katy is out of Neuro ICU I remember very well after my accident in 2002 the day I was able to move from trauma ICU to the other floor. To this day I praise God for life and giving me back my life through the prayers of Tim and family and people around the world. Because medically speaking I should not be alive. But GOD. Each day when I awaken I praise Jesus for life because I shouldn’t be here. So with our precious Katy.

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    1. Good morning. My husband Tony and I met Stan this summer at Beulah Camp. This fall we started The Last Word DVD Bible study with our Sunday School class. We have been following Katy’s progress. Our Sunday School class at Christ UMC in Milton. Florida are lifting your family up. We feel like we all know you because we see Stan every Sunday. Love, Beth Coogle


  2. Katy you are in my prayers. I have been praying the Rosary for you asking that the Holy Mother seek help for her son Jesus to provide you comfort and healing. I know it’s hard ,being a stroke survivor myself, but try to stay positive and Never Give Up! I too had the same realisation there are so many things we take for granted. I was totally paralysed on my right side but I have work very hard and am able to walk and use my arm. It’s not 100% but I continue to work on it. This is only possible because our Lord Jesus is with me as He is also with you.


  3. Please consider praying the following out-loud and as many times as you are able:

    “And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you ask in faith.” Matthew 21:22
    “If anyone thirsts, let him come to me and drink.” John 7:37
    “Whoever believes in me, ‘Out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.'” John 7:38

    Jesus, You made Katy in Your image. She is your beloved daughter. Just as You knew unspeakable thirst on the cross, so does Katy. She has willingly entered into Your sufferings and is embracing them at great cost in humble obedience. Hear our collective prayer, today, on her behalf. Listen to our pleas, be attentive, be merciful, and act as You have done for the prophets of old. Split open the hollow place that is at Lehi and give Katy living water so that her spirit is refreshed and she can testify to Your sustenance. Give Katy living water so that she can drink water and swallow normally and perfectly. Hasten Lord Jesus. May it be so without delay. Glorify Yourself so that many will know that You are Jehovah God. ~ Amen.


  4. We are so glad to hear that Katy is making progress!! You ALL have been in our prayers and will continue to be! May the Lord continue to bless you and fill you with His peace, love and joy. And Katy is right; it’s the little things…..We take so much for granted. It’s times like these that keep us grounded!

    Love and many prayers for the Keys!! Tim and RoseMarie and family



  5. We will continue to,keep Katy in our prayers. I had no idea things had not gone well until I asked Kathy Tyrell about Katy after our Christmas service. My heart is heavy for Stan, the girls and especially Katy. Hang in there Katy. We love you and know that you will get well. We will keep you lifted in prayer. It is my turn to encourage and love you as you did for me through my fight with cancer. XxxxxOOOOOO
    Eduardo and Yvette Nieves


  6. A poem from ‘He Cares He Conforts’ by Corrie ten Boom

    “Jesus Heard You…”

    Jesus heard when you prayed last night.
    He talked with God about you.
    JESUS was there when you fought your fight,
    He is going to bring you through.

    Jesus knew when you shed those tears,
    You did not weep alone.
    The burdens you thought too heavy to bear,
    He made them His very own.

    Jesus Himself was touched by that trial,
    you could not understand.
    Jesus stood by as you almost fell
    and lovingly clasped your hand.

    Jesus cared when you bore that pain,
    indeed, He bore it too.
    He felt each pain, each ache in your heart,
    because of His love for you.

    Jesus, your Saviour, will always be with you,
    no need to be anxious or fret.
    Wonderful love, He will be there all the time,
    He has never forsaken you yet.

    Upholding you all in prayer dear Pastor Stan & Katy, Anna, Sarah, and Elizabeth.


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