It is something we all take for granted. Swallowing is now something that takes all Mom’s energy and focus. She told us her greatest suffering in all this is thirst. It is really unbelievable how powerful that need is! She is GREATLY motivated to swallow due to her desperate thirst. Today she is quite anxious about the swallow test. Would you join us, again, in praying that Mom would be able to swallow and pass the test so we could begin the baby steps of liquids again? Thank you for your faithfulness. We look forward to the day we can report she finally got a taste of that “half cut iced tea” she has asked for daily!

Love to you all!

24 thoughts on “Swallowing

  1. We are with you in prayer on this. Went through some of it with Branson—no fun, though he was never denied liquids and never suffered the thirst Katy is experiencing. Lord, please restore Katy’s ability to swallow—expeditiously, if You would. And thank You for knowing the depths of her suffering, and walking alongside and inside her. Thank You for making it possible for her entire family to support her through this.


  2. It is truly amazing that we take so much for granted…like the ability to swallow….even God’s grace at times is taken for granted! I was remembering that, during a hospitalization a couple of years ago, they kept telling me that they were “resting” my system by not allowing me to eat for several days when I “knew” that a burger with cheese and onions was all that I really needed to make me better! When, once again, I was granted the privilege of eating…an “angel” from the kitchen, brought me a double portion of lasagna. I was in heaven and have never since taken for granted the privilege of “swallowing” or eating. Katy will find that true also when, what once was such an ordinary thing, is restored! I am praying that that will not be long in coming! It would be a great way to start the new year! Bless you, Keys….you are in God’s hands and in our thoughts and prayers! jean bisnett

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  3. Thank you for the Christmas update you sent yesterday. It was touching to read. I am continuing to pray for Katy to begin swallowing, as well as for her healing and recovery. I’m praying for all the rest of you as well, Stan, Anna, Sarah, and Elizabeth, and husbands and children. God be with you and pour out His grace upon up you each!


  4. Praying that God will touch Katy, especially for the swallowing ability test today. Appreciate your posts letting us know what is going on…my husband had a stroke and I can empathize with you all. God was with us through it all and so thankful to know he is “exceeding abuntantly able” to do the same today for you all. Blessing on you…Judie Burton, Ohio


  5. Swallowing seems like such a basic thing, difficult when you have to focus do hard and force your brain to do it. Praying she passes test today to relieve not only the thirst, but some of the stress as well. Love to each of you.


  6. Praying for Katy as she takes the swallow test today… for comfort, that muscles would work effectively, that she can swallow each item with easy and most importantly that she will be cleared to drink again whether it’s water, ice tea, or coke! May we all “thirst” for God… to know Him and to spend time with Him.


  7. Praying for Katy as she takes the swallow test today… for comfort, that muscles would work effectively, that she can swallow each item with easy and most importantly that she will be cleared to drink again whether it’s water, ice tea, or coke! May we all “thirst” for Jesus… to know Him and to spend time with Him.


  8. Praying for Katy to pass her swallow test today to enjoy fresh water and her ice tea. Please Jesus, answer Our prayers and provide for Katy


  9. Thank you for the update . It’s Andrew and Sok Hui Chew, in rural Ethiopia . Katy has been praying for us many times over and encouraging us in so many ways in her role together with Stan with the PAACS spiritual programme.Please tell her we are praying God’s healing hand on her , we love her, whenever we think of her, we think of her servant heart.


  10. Thank you so much for these posts, letting us know how to specifically pray. May the Lord strengthen the neuro function necessary for Katy’s speech and swallowing by the power of the Holy Spirit. We look forward with you to her steady improvement. May God’s grace abound to you all. 💒


  11. Our whole family is praying for Katy to be able to swallow. Even our grandson, Andy, just folded his hands and prayed out loud for her. We are trusting God for a FULL recovery for Katy – that every part of her wake up.


  12. Please consider joining with me and praying the following out loud, many times, for Katy:

    “Ask and you will receive.” The Lord Jesus Christ
    “If anyone thirsts, let him come to me and drink.” John 7:37
    “Whoever believe in me, out of his heart will flow rivers of living water”. John 7:38

    Jesus, You made Katy in Your image. She is Your beloved daughter and the wife of Your beloved son, Stan. Just as You knew unspeakable thirst on the cross, so does Katy. She has willingly entered
    into Your sufferings and is embracing them in humble obedience. Hear our collective prayer on her behalf, Listen to our pleas, be merciful and respond as You have done for the prophets of old. Split open the hollow place that is at Lehi and give Katy “Living Water” so that her spirit is refreshed and she can testify to your sustenance. Give Katy “Living Water” so that she can drink water and swallow normally. Hasten Lord Jesus. May it be so without delay. Glorify Yourself on earth so that many may know that You are Jehovah God. Amen.


  13. Praying that, indeed, the Lord will give you strength to pass the swallow test!! Gary Reed and I from the front row are praying for you. Asked for prayer help from our church, too, at Great Commission Fellowship in Wilmore.


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