One piece at a time

Last night and today it felt like my Mom really woke up for the first time and we watched her as she began to try to arrange the confusing puzzle of what has happened. In fact, she spoke a lot (praise God!) and for the first time began to process what happened. She began to ask what was on her head. And how it all went so wrong after lung surgery. The nurse and us walked her through some of what happened, even showed her a picture of her head and the dozens of staples that now cover half of it. Although its scary, I think it gave her some of the first pieces of the puzzle. I honestly can’t imagine essentially waking up to her new reality and trying to figure out what in the world happened. Last she knew she was healthy and coming in for a seemingly basic surgery. Now she’s half paralyzed and recovering from brain surgery. There are certainly some areas of major confusion. This is hard for all of us. We know she is there and we see her personality, quirks, and humor. And yet she remains confused. It will take time for her to sort all this out and time for her brain to wake back up (in my non-medical terms). Pray for this. Today we see some fear in her eyes – particularly fear that she is loosing her mind. Pray for her to have courage for this scary time and pray for her brain to be able to put each piece together until she has the whole puzzle!

Although they do believe she may have a small case of pneumonia – they are encouraged today that her body seems to be fighting it! Her fever has gone down and she seems to be doing well. Please continue to pray for her body to fight this off! In fact, they are even talking about moving her out of Neuro ICU to the stroke unit. This would be a BIG step. Though its a good step – we are afraid to leave the constant care of the ICU. Pray for God’s perfect timing in all this.

Today we feel a huge mix of emotions. A wave of relief that she seems to be coming back to us! And a wave of grief at all that she has lost and the battle ahead! Pray for courage for her and for all of us.

Today we are ALL here and this brings us joy – even in hard circumstances. Although the kids can’t yet see Mom, it is fun to tell her we are all together. We praise God for that!


15 thoughts on “One piece at a time

  1. Praise the Lord for progress, even if small. Will continue to cover her in prayer for strength to fight through this difficult journey she is on. It is difficult but not impossible because nothing is impossible with God on your side. Glad to hear her body is fighting the infection and the fever has gone down. Still praying for a Christmas miracle. Love you all. Oxoxox.

    Blessed Christmas to you all.🙏❤️


  2. Thanks for the update, praise God Katy is doing better! God is good and He is always here when we seek Him, don’t lose faith. Be patience, He is always in charge ,in good times and bad times…..
    I wish your family have a peaceful Christmas . Will keep Katy ,Stan and your family in my prayers.


  3. Praise the Lord for progress. Thank you so much for the daily report. It is so helpful. May God’s peace fill your hearts in these difficult days.


  4. To all the keys…I love u guys and continue to pray with u! I know some of how hard this type of journey is but I know He is with u…Praying His presence is so very real for all of u…loving u as He is loving u…merry Chriatmas…sallie


  5. Katy, I have written and deleted so many times right now what I’m trying to convey to you. We all love you so very much. Pastor Stan, Anna, Liz, Sarah and families, I read every word you write over and over and over. The last few days I’ve been praying for you Revelation 21:5 … “I am making everything new”. Blessed, Merry Christmas Day to you all today.


  6. You are often in our daily prayers. Music has always lifted my soul. Maybe you could play some hymns of peace and encouragement for Katy. Love and prayers, Mel and Fran


  7. I am PRAISING GOD with you and continually lifting EACH ONE before our Heavenly Father. You ALL are filling my heart and mind as I walk with you during these very difficult times and re-live our days at the hospital with my Bob – 17 years ago. JESUS’ GRACE IS SUFFICIENT for each one of you…soak up HIS GRACE, HIS LOVE, HIS STRENGTH, HIS PEACE… from HIS CONTINUAL FLOW to you….Praying for you….Mary

    MERRY CHRISTMAS – May you be aware of Christ’s Presence with you today and with the HOPE of Christ’s Return in your heart! Mary

    Joy Has Dawned / Angels We Have Heard on High Keith and Kristyn Getty

    Joy has dawned upon the world Promised from creation God’s salvation now unfurled Hope for every nation Not with fanfares from above Not with scenes of glory But a humble gift of love Jesus born of Mary

    Sounds of wonder fill the sky With the songs of angels As the mighty Prince of Life Shelters in a stable Hands that set each star in place Shaped the earth in darkness Cling now to a mother’s breast Vulnerable and helpless

    Shepherds bow before the Lamb Gazing at the glory Gifts of men from distant lands Prophesy the story Gold a King is born today Incense God is with us Myrrh His death will make a way And by His blood He’ll win us

    Son of Adam Son of heaven Given as a ransom Reconciling God and man Christ our mighty Champion What a Saviour what a Friend What a glorious mystery Once a babe in Bethlehem Now the Lord of history

    Gloria in excelsis Deo Gloria in excelsis Deo

    Come to Bethlehem and see He whose birth the angels sing Come adore on bended knee Christ the Lord the newborn King

    Gloria in excelsis Deo Gloria in excelsis Deo

    – – – – – – — Fullness of Grace Keith and Kristyn Getty

    Fullness of Grace in man’s human frailty, This is the wonder of Jesus. Laying aside His power and glory, Humbly He entered our world. Chose the path of meanest worth: Scandal of a virgin birth. Born in a stable, cold and rejected: Here lies the hope of the world.

    Fullness of grace, the love of the Father Shown in the face of Jesus. Stooping to bear the weight of humanity, Walking the Calvary road.

    Christ the holy Innocent Took our sin and punishment. Fullness of God, despised and rejected: Crushed for the sins of the world.

    Fullness of hope in Christ we had longed for, Promise of God in Jesus. Through His obedience we are forgiven, Opening the floodgates of heaven.

    All our hopes and dreams we bring Gladly as an offering. Fullness of life and joy unspeakable: God’s gift in love to the world.



  8. Greetings Key Family!
    I want to thank you all for being so diligent in keeping all of us updated and investing your heart in every single one of these posts. You all have been such a blessing through this incredibly difficult journey – I continue to be amazed at how your love for and faith in God have shown through no matter how dark and difficult the day becomes. My family and I are praying for Katy, and for all of you as you care for and love on her.

    Merry Christmas!


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