This morning the doctors seem even more concerned about pneumonia. Her fever has gone up and some of the samples they have taken have caused concern. She has been put on another antibiotic. But all of this is of great concern. This has our hearts heavy but we seem to have little answers or information as of yet. Please keep praying against pneumonia! This is our greatest concern today. Every day it is a different emergency, isn’t it?

But we do celebrate today on a few fronts…

  • Her PT appointment was slightly better today, she seemed to have a little more strength to hold herself upright with help.
  • Her speech seems slightly better, though still very limited and hard to understand.

They have taken her off morphine in order to test her cognition. We are really praying for more cognitive and neurological awareness!

Please pray specifically for three things today…

  2. Increased neurological cognition
  3. Progress on swallowing so we could alleviate one of her many areas of suffering!

Thank you for your faithfulness. We seem to have lost all semblance of time and place…but I guess its time to say Merry Christmas! We love you all.


33 thoughts on “Concerns

  1. I really do wait for these updates- so thank you very much… I’m praying for her as the day goes along. Life can bring such shocks! But it is comforting that God is not taken by surprise but has promised that His grace will be sufficient for the day! Praying for that all surpassing sufficient grace for all of you, esp Katie as the morphine decreases, as her body tries to gain strength to sit up and to speak. Ohhhhh! There with you in prayer for God’s great mercy to pour into Katy’s body!


  2. We “ask the Savior to help you, comfort, strengthen and keep you. HE is willing to aid you. HE will carry you through”. Remember there is no pit so deep, that His love isn’t deeper still. Corrie Tenboom


  3. Continually praying in the name of Jesus…Jesus come, surround Katy and each family member with Your overwhelming presence, wash them with Your peace and remind them Father that You hold each of them in the palm of Your mighty right hand and will never leave them or forsake them. Praising Jesus for each update that is posted and consider praying on Katy’s behalf an honor.


  4. I so look forward to these reports. It really helps to specifically pray for Katy…comfort and healing. Also to pray strength and peace for Stan and family. Sending much love and many prayers.


  5. We appreciate the updates as our prayers can be specific to the great need. You are never far away in thought and prayer and we wish we could be closer to help in tangible ways. For now, we pray against pneumonia and for swallowing. Our brother-in-law had a massive stroke in May of 2014 so we know something of the struggles and pain and loss, but also of the wonder of God’s touch in a life/body. Jim could not speak, but could sing the hymns: he could not form English words, but he could speak fluent Spanish. At our last family gathering, he offered the grace.
    Be assured of our prayers for Katy and for each of you, from Dr. Kinlaw down to the baby.
    I have been singing the little chorus today: “He is able, He is able, I know HE is able, I know my God is able to carry you through. He heals the broken-hearted, He sets the captive free, He makes the lame to walk again and causes the blind to see…He is able, He is able, I know God is able, I know my God is able to carry you through”.
    Rev. Gail and Judy McQueen


  6. Dear Katy, Stan and family, Words fail me at times like this. I cannot begin to imagine what you are all going through at this moment in time. I’m praying desperately on your behalf. Katy and Stan, you have ministered to my heart at a time when I was greatly needing it. I’m sure you are ministering now even though it doesn’t seem like it. I’m thinking of II Cor. 2: 14-16. I’m certain you are being the aroma of Christ, where you are right now…the fragrance of life as others watch. We can only trust Him, who is the Great Physician, the Giver of Life. Continuing to pray for total restoration for Katy, peace of mind and heart for each of you and courage for each new day. Love, Marilyn Hannay

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  7. We continue to pray every day. Thank you for taking the time to keep us all informed. Hebrews 6:19 for you today – “hope…an anchor for your souls.” Love to all – Laura


  8. Lifting you all up in prayer, and especially the prayer concerns for Katy. Life is so precious, and fragile. Thank you for the updates. It helps us during prayer time. Please give all our love.


  9. Dear Stan, Katy, and Family,
    We continue to pray for Katy.. And for all of you.
    Yeas ago, Katy shared something that has helped me so much. (In fact, Katy shared many things that have impacted me deeply). She said, “Level of our pain; level of our joy.” That speaks volumes to me tonight. I cannot express to you how much we appreciate the time you are investing into each of these blog updates. They help us know how to pray specifically for Katy, and they help us feel closer to all of you in this unthinkable hard. Please know we love you all so much and will continue to carry you in ur hearts and prayers.
    Emmanuel. God With Us. -Deb Pember, for all the Pembers


  10. David and I are praying. Thank you for the updates so we can focus those prayers to the areas that most need it. We pray for healing for Katy and grace and strength for you all.

    – Marybeth Baggett


  11. Think of you all so often, especially the mornings here in Germany. I know that I am up and hopefully you all are not. I pray for restful, healing sleep for each of you, esp. dear Katy, and that the Lord will greet you when you wake with new mercies.

    I realize you all are probably not singing too many Christmas carols this year, but as I have been working through an Advent Carol devotional book, I learned something new about “God rest ye merry, gentlemen” (I probably wasn’t listening when my dear British dad gave the explanation). The first line of this very old English carol finally makes sense to me because rest= to make and merry= valiant, brave or strong (like Robin Hood’s Merry men). So the first line really means “God make you strong and valiant, gentlemen (and gentlewomen!), Let nothing you dismay…..O tidings of comfort and joy, comfort and joy…” That is my prayer and song for you all this Christmas. Much love across the ocean!


  12. Thanks so much for the updates on sweet Katy. Mom (Mary Strickfaden) and I have been reading the updates every night at dinner and lifting her needs up to the Lord. Katy has been such a wonderful example of a godly woman to me. I think often of the two road trips we took from Fox River Grove to Wilmore and smile. We had so much fun and I was truly blessed to meet and stay at her wonderful parents home. What an amazing family.
    Blessings to all and Merry Christmas!


  13. Praying for an amazing God boost to Katy’s immune system to fight off any attack to her body.
    Joining others in prayer and agreement for total restoration.


  14. Jehovah Rophi, you are healer. We ask in the name and by the blood of Jesus that you would put a shield on Katy’s lungs against any pneumonia. We ask for cognition, for strength. For complete healing.
    Merry Christmas to the Keys and those supporting you in these days.


  15. To our Dear Pastor Stan and Katy, and family,
    We’ve been reading aloud, ‘Tramp for The Lord’, the sequel to ‘The Hiding Place’, by Corrie ten Boom. The verses she referenced spoke deeply to our hearts. May they uphold, encourage, and minister to you all.
    ‘Behold, God is my salvation; I will trust and not be afraid: for the Lord JEHOVAH is my strength and my song..’..Isaiah 12:2
    ‘Thou art my hiding place; Thou shalt preserve me from trouble; Thou shalt compass me about with songs of deliverance.’ Psalm 32:7
    ‘Thou art my hidibg place and my shield: I hope in Thy word’Psalm 118:117
    Closing w/ Love and Prayers, saro


  16. Continuing in prayer with you. I really look forward to your daily updates. I feel connected to you all through them. God bless you in the season of Christmas!


  17. My heart is aching for you all, especially when I saw Walshes In her notebook. I am humbled to be on my knees for Katy and family. I am remembering how Christ was with me through Fred’s suffering, and now he’s completely healed. Lean on those everlasting arms.


  18. Liz and Anna, thank you for your faithful posts to keep us informed on how you are doing and on how to pray for your Mom. I hope writing on this blog is somehow therapeutic for you both. Each day I look for an update on Katy’s condition and yet find it difficult to accept what you all are enduring. I know in my intellect that God works best in us through pain, yet continue to struggle with the “why”. Your mother taught me that maturing in Christ means moving away from “why” questions to “how” and “what” questions. And although I know she spoke God’s wisdom, it remains a challenge for me. I hope your family is realizing some of the “how can I please you?” and “what do you want us to see, to know, or to do?” in this crisis. Dave and I love you and are lifting you in prayer daily.


  19. “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.” Psalm 46:1
    “…He hath said I will never leave thee nor forsake thee.” Hebrews 13:5.


  20. We too marvel at the partnership in prayer God initiates and establishes through His people from Father Abraham to all the people tugging on Jesus throughout the Gospel stories.

    We stand with the community of believers around sweet Katy praying for the birth of complete healing in her body during this season of the birth of our Savior!

    Peace and grace to all, with love,
    Kathy & Dave Hawley


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