“I thirst” – Jesus

IMG_2339-1Today is brighter than yesterday. Today we celebrate that Mom formulated some words and we could understand them. Today she is opening her eyes wider. Today she is chewing tiny ice chips and told me it tasted like Heaven. We have had some precious moments one at a time, sitting with her. As I sat with her this afternoon she asked me to read the lyrics to “All is Well” and “Pass Me Not!” What a joy to hear these requests!

Today she is suffering from thirst. She is so very thirsty but has not yet been able to swallow. If she doesn’t swallow soon she will need a feeding tube. She REALLY doesn’t want this – as we all understand. Today we ask that you would pray for her to be able to swallow and for no feeding tube. I can’t help but remember Jesus’ request for water on the cross. Our Savior even understands THIS pain. So grateful He knows our sorrows and is acquainted with our griefs – even our thirsts.

Another major request is for NO infections and NO pneumonia. There are many risks right now. So we watch so very closely and try to make her as comfortable as possible.

We have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of love that has come from around the world! We want to be able to gather this in one place and be able to slowly share it with Mom. We have created an email address for all of you to send her short notes or even videos of encouragement!

Here are some ideas:

  • write a prayer over her
  • tell her how she has impacted your life
  • encourage her with verses
  • tell her a story
  • make a quick video with your family/church/friends for us to show her

Send this at any point to: journeywithkaty@gmail.com. We will not respond to these emails but we will gather them and share them with Mom as she is able to receive them.

We love you! Thanks for journeying with our Mom through the valley of the shadow of death! Praise God, we FEAR NO EVIL!

– Elisabeth (her baby)

P.S. Mom called me an angel today! 🙂


One thought on ““I thirst” – Jesus

  1. Looks like my first comment attempt did not through, so forgive me if I am repeating myself! This is such a great idea, as we are all thirsting every day for news from the Keys! May the Lord bless and keep you all. And you are an angel, Elizabeth, but a beautiful one. Not the kind that has to entreat us to “fear not” when you enter the room. Love to you all


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